How Can You Tell If A GUCCI Clutch Is Real? No.1 Complete Guide

Wondering how Can you Tell If A Gucci Clutch Is Real? Gucci is the top manufacturer of luxury designer handbags and clutches. Its products are extravagant and always top-of-the-line in terms of product quality, design, and manufacturing. 

But with being a massive name in the 110 billion dollar high-end fashion and accessories industry comes a constant battle with counterfeits. These counterfeits and replicas acquire a massive market. It was reported in 2019 that Washington Airport seized counterfeits of luxury brand products like Gucci, Prada, Chanel & Dior worth over 2.09 million dollars.

If you love Gucci bags/clutches and planning to buy one, It is necessary for you to arm yourself with the knowledge to avoid falling into the trap of fake products and loose money on any replica disguised as authentic. It is not always easy to distinguish between a real and a fake Gucci clutch, but the points discussed below will help you to easily spot a counterfeit.

 Serial Number

How Can You Tell If A GUCCI Clutch Is Real
How Can You Tell If A GUCCI Clutch Is Real

The serial number is an excellent way to distinguish between a genuine Gucci product and a counterfeit. The location of the serial number is generally inside the bag on a leather patch, usually at the top of the inside. It is never sewn down or on the sides of the bag. The serial tag is supposed to be a vertical rectangle or square having two lines of serial numbers on it.

The style of the Gucci serial number has gone through changes over the years until it evolved into what we know today. 

Here are a few pointers about checking serial numbers on a Gucci clutch/bag.

  • Serial numbers have between 9-13 digits.
  • The font is usually a Serif type.
  • The digits sometimes are separated by dashes, dots, or spaces.

From the mid-90s to the 2000s, the serial number had a top line of three digits followed by a dash or a dot and then a four-digit line.

 QR – Code

How Can You Tell If A GUCCI Clutch Is Real
How Can You Tell If A GUCCI Clutch Is Real

To combat this surge of fake products being sold as original. Gucci being one of the most iconic and innovative brands, adapted QR (quick response) to help consumers authenticate the originality of products with ease.

Introduced in 2016/17, offering a type of code that holds relative information related to the product. The QR code can easily be scanned using your smartphone to ensure the authenticity of the clutch/bag.

These codes can be found printed on a small fabric loop inside the product. The QR is printed with clear white color and small 10-digit codes beside it. 

 Product Quality

How Can You Tell If A GUCCI Clutch Is Real

Product quality can itself be a deciding factor. Looking closely for the details in the leather and quality can help you spot the differences. A stamped leather known as Guccissima is very popular for Gucci bags. The leather design must be even and flawless. The logo, too, must be clear and easy to read.

Most counterfeits have hardware used that is of low quality comparatively. It is usually hollow feeling and lightweight. The zippers might tarnish over time. Whereas the original Gucci branded products are sturdy, heavy-duty, and heavy in weight. The zippers are never made of plastic but of metal.

  • The Gucci lettering on the replica is done in a thin font as compared to the original. The lettering in the original is a little thick and bold.
  • On original Gucci bags, the letters are engraved, whereas they seem printed and feel dimensionless on the fake.
  • The stitching is very on the original product. The connection between stitches is almost impossible to spot. That isn’t the case with the replicas.

 Controllato Card

How Can You Tell If A GUCCI Clutch Is Real

The controllato card also proves the originality of a Gucci bag. Controllato means checked in Italian, which implies the approval of all the quality checks the bag went through in the process of making by the brand.

The color of these cards was initially white but switched to off-white later on. The card reads Gucci controllato and has digits written underneath.

The only problem with this card is it can get lost as it is a separate part and not attached to the bag. This can be something to know while buying a second-hand Gucci bag. The absence of a card does not necessarily mean the bag will be a replica, but the presence of the card also helps to ensure better.

Final words on how Can You Tell If A GUCCI Clutch Is Real

To authenticate a Gucci bag or clutch, begin with the overall look. It would be best to analyze and closely observe all the small details in the design, leather quality, stitching, printing, font, and leathering. Closely observe the monogram and logo. After confirming the serial number and QR, you end your inspection by checking the label, tags, and dust bag. 

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Is my Gucci clutch real?

The quickest way to identify whether a Gucci clutch is real or not is through its serial number. Almost every Gucci handbag has a serial number imprinted on the leather tag located in the bag.

How can you tell Gucci products are fake?

Look out for the following things to identify a fake Gucci product.

1: It won’t have any authentication card.
2: The logo won’t be in the right place.
3: The leather quality would not be good.
4: It won’t have the serial number inside.
5: Stitching¬†won’t be on point.

How do I find my Gucci QR Code?

From 2016, Gucci started providing a QR code along with the serial number. These QR codes can be scanned through smartphones and can be utilized to identify fake products. It is located on the black fabric tag inside the bag.

Do old Gucci bags have serial numbers?

Yes, all Gucci bags come with serial numbers inside, usually located near a zipped pocket. 

What is Gucci Controllato?

The word ” Controllato” means “checked.” Every new Gucci bag comes with this authentication card which is proof that it’s been inspected by Gucci after completion.

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