Men’s Wallet with Zipper Inside | 15 Best leather wallets

Wallets have bill pockets for cash, card slots for cards, and ID windows, especially for IDs. In the same way, they have zipper pockets for coins. Coins can easily fall out of the wallet, which does not have any outer closure. Therefore, a zipper pocket is a must-have feature for wallets. But unfortunately, we hardly see a men’s wallet with a zipper inside. 

We curated a list of the 15 best men’s wallet with zipper inside for you to end this problem. Let’s read about their features and decide which one is perfect for you.

Relic by Fossil Men’s Leather Trifold Wallet

Men's Wallet with Zipper Inside 

Our top pick is Relic by Fossil. This trifold wallet is a classy men’s wallet with a zipper inside it. And let us tell you why it is our first choice. This wallet is made of highly durable leather, and it is finely handcrafted in America. With this wallet’s modernized design, you will never go unnoticed while holding it in public. 

Some other remarkable features of this wallet are its spacious interior and organized compartments. As you already know, it has a zipper pocket on the inside for keeping coins and other small stuff. It also has two slide pockets, two bill compartments, 1 ID window, and 6 slots for cards. 

Each of its card slots is layered with RFID-blocking tech. It prevents your wallet from getting any unauthorized scans. Other than RFID blocking technology in its inner compartment, this wallet has polyester lining. Therefore, this wallet is lightweight and durable. 

Another thing that made us fall in love with this piece is its affordable price. Despite being made from 100% leather, this wallet comes at a reasonable price. 


  • Durable and lightweight material.
  • RFID blocking technology.
  • Many slots for keeping stuff organized.
  • Affordable.


  • It might feel bulky when full

Buyer’s reviews of this product:

I’ve used this wallet in the past and I keep coming back to it because I especially like the zipper compartment that is hard to find in many wallets. It can hold a spare key or something else small of value and I don’t have to worry about it falling out of the wallet.

I love this wallet. I bought my first one and 8 years ago in this brand and style. I finally needed to replace and I couldn’t find it anywhere in stores. I found it here but it didn’t say anything about have the Zippered cash pocket and that’s one of the things I really wanted. I took a chance when the wallet went on sale and I was so happy to see it was exactly like my old one with the Zippered pocket. The color and texture is a little different than the one I originally bought, but I could live with that. I bought another one as a spare when it went on sale again so hopefully I’ll never have to swap to a different style. I keep this in my cart to see when it goes on sale again and I’ll buy one or two more. When you like something you better buy a few of them as they will certainly not sell them anymore.

Mule Switchback Men’s Zipper Wallet with Zipper Inside

Mule has been manufacturing top-quality wallets in San Diego since 1995. If you do not like carrying bulky leather wallets, Mule has a terrific wallet option for you in this category. You can always go for their lighter nylon wallets. Mule Switchback is a great men’s wallet made from durable nylon. 

This lightweight and rugged wallet gives a canvas-like feel. The nylon exterior and lining help make this wallet durable; they also make it resistant to water. Therefore, this wallet does not get dirty quickly. 

Besides its excellent material, this wallet has a super roomy inner compartment. It can hold up to 12 credit cards protected with RFID-blocking tech. Moreover, it has a pull-tab hidden pocket and 1 ID window. There is also one bill compartment for keeping cash and bill notes. 


  • Super lightweight and weather-resistant.
  • Spacious interior compartment.
  • Thin and functional.
  • Affordable


  • It is not as durable as the previous leather wallet

Buyer’s reviews of this product:

I love it..I just started using it and it can fit almost everything I had in my other folder…I use it for cards and change, but not for my main wallet….I am always looking out for things manuf. here in U.S. And I’m not buying much leather products anymore as it fits all categories…

If you’re looking for a wallet that is not bulky this is it. I have spent a lot of money over the years trying to find one that works for me. I finally found it. I can barely feel it in my back pocket or when wearing cargo shorts.

REAGO Handcrafted Full Grain Bifold Leather Wallet for Men

Men's Wallet with Zipper Inside 

REAGO bifold wallet is a men’s wallet with a hidden zipper pocket. An ID window covers this pocket at the front. So you can safely keep your coins, sim cards, or other small stuff hidden in this zipper pocket. 

Apart from the hidden zipper pocket, this wallet has plenty of space to hold other essentials. There is a long bill compartment. It is large enough to hold any-sized currency notes. Moreover, there are 13 card slots in total which means you can keep all your dozen cards organized in this wallet. 

Additionally, the CC slots of this wallet have an RFID-blocking lining. It blocks all electromagnetic and radio waves from reaching your valuable cards. In short, no thief will ever be able to scan your cards. 

Let’s talk about its material. This handsome wallet is made from full-grain goat-hide leather. The exterior is soft, durable, and comfortable. And do not worry; this wallet comes with a 12-month warranty to ensure the quality of its material. 


  • RFID blocking to keep away digital thieves.
  • Fine stitching.
  • Durable and soft material


  • A bit pricey

Buyer’s reviews of this product:

The Reago wallet was the perfect wallet for the price. Nice leather, plenty of room for credit cards, license and a great zipper pocket for a house key or change. This wallet stands up to many I have purchased for much higher prices and I would recommend it over paying much more for other brands.

The quality is great and I love the little zipper pocket to out the mini grocery and gas reward cards. Lots of room for cards, but it’s not a bulky wallet. It’s just a great design. A++++

DiLoro Men’s Bifold Wallet with a Zipper Pocket

Men's Wallet with Zipper Inside 

DiLoro Bifold wallet is the best men’s zipper wallet, and let us tell you why. Handcrafted in Italy, this wallet has the finest and softest Nappa leather construction. Hence, it is super durable, smooth, and has a super luxurious feel. So if you want the most durable wallet of them all, you should buy a DiLoro Men’s Bifold wallet. 

This wallet is best not just for its quality. It also has the roomiest interior. It has 12 secure credit card slots, which all are anti-RFID protected. Moreover, there is one generous coin pocket with a snap closure. This pocket is just about the right size to hold your documents or coins. It also has 2 ID windows that fold on either side. There are also three hidden slip pockets on the inner side. 

Did we mention this wallet also has a double, full-length cash pocket to keep all your bill notes? With this much space, you can keep your stuff safe and organized. 


  • It is a durable wallet made from Nappa leather.
  • RFID blocking technology.
  • Ample inner storage


  • Expensive

Buyer’s reviews of this product:

I have purchased three of these wallets in the past three months. One for Father’s Day and two for summer birthdays. I love the sophisticated style and all of the functional compartments. My European male friends and my globe trekking American friend will really appreciate the zippered feature that will come in handy when managing all of those Euro coins!

I love this wallet, has places for all my stuff, including my spare truck key, very nicely made too, would recommend to anyone looking for a spacious well made wallet. fast shipping too.

YOOMALL Men’s Leather Wallet Bifold Wallet with Coin Pocket

Men's Wallet with Zipper Inside 

YOOMALL men’s leather wallet with a zipper pocket is the best option if you want to buy a fine leather wallet at an affordable price. This wallet is made of premium oil-wax genuine leather with high-quality dacron lining. Due to its durable materials, it is safe to say this wallet will stay with you for a very long time. 

One great feature of this leather wallet is its three separate spaces. All combined can hold 10 cards, 1 ID window, and some other stuff in the hidden pocket. Plus, there is a zippered pocket for keeping coins and one large bill compartment. 

This wallet is also considered one of the best due to the elegant gift box that comes with it. With this gift box, you can give your husband, grandpa, or son this beautiful wallet as a present.


  • Cheap wallet.
  • Made of high-quality interior and exterior.
  • It comes with a 1-year limited warranty.
  • It has highly functional inner compartments.
  • All slots are layered with RFID-blocking technology


  • The zipper pocket is a bit small

Buyer’s reviews of this product:

It has 3 separate spaces to put bills one comes with a Zipper 11 spaces to put cards including a photo ID and a place to put coins which has a zipper too. Looks Shiny and Elegant and it does the job for me.

LAORENTOU Men’s Wallet With Hidden Zipper Pocket

Men's Wallet with Zipper Inside 

If you carry your most valuable sim cards or some coins with you, you surely need a hidden zipper pocket to keep them secure. LAORENTOU is a men’s wallet with a hidden zipper pocket in its bill compartment, and we think it is the best option for you. 

This awesome wallet is made of full-grain cowhide leather, and thus it is durable. Plus, it has a good texture and excellent elasticity. The outer surface is shiny and soft, giving an elegant look to this wallet. From the inside, this wallet has a polyester lining. Therefore all credit card slots are soft to the touch. 

Many people complain about the quality of zippers when they use zipper wallets. Let us assure you such a thing never happens with Laorentou wallets. The zipper of this wallet is corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant. Therefore, it stays fresh as new and never gets stuck. 

This terrific leather wallet comes in 5 colors and three designs. The product’s price is also reasonable. Plus, you also get a gift box in the package. It’s a win-win situation. 


  • Durable wallet with a slim design.
  • It comes in 5 colors.
  • RFID blocking technology.
  • Affordable price.
  • Gift box included.


  • Stitching could have been better.

Buyer’s reviews of this product:

Beautiful, beautiful item, it’s made very well. I recommend this item to anyone that’s looking for a designer tyoe wallet for a good price. Go for it!

I bought this as a last minute Christmas gift for my husband. Nice packaging and really nice wallet for the price, he loved it!!


HAWEE Trifold Cowhide Leather Wallet for Men

Here is another great men’s wallet with a zipper inside. HAWEE Trifold Cowhide leather wallet is perfect for those who do not feel safe carrying a no-closure wallet. This wallet has a snap closure, so it protects all your items and prevents them from falling. 

This wallet is made of cowhide leather and has polyester lining. Therefore it is durable, soft, and long-lasting. Plus, it is super lightweight due to the polyester lining. This polyester lining, along with RFID-blocking technology, prevents your cards from being scanned by hackers.  

Let’s move on to storage. There are two small and eight standard credit card slots. It also has 3 ID windows, two cash pockets, and one zipper pocket for coins. There is also one extra coin pocket with a button closure for keeping your change. 

Above all, this wallet comes in 4 vintage colors. And if you are low on budget, HAWEE has got your back. This wallet is so reasonably priced.


  • It is ideal for those who carry more than 1 ID card or license.
  • RFID blocking technology.
  • Multiple color choices.


  • A little larger than expected

Buyer’s reviews of this product:

The feature that at first I thought was inconvenient was the larger size. Turns out to be a good thing it made me carry it in vest/jacket internal pocket. Not in my pants pocket. The comfort of not having any bulky thing in my pants pocket is wonderful

the wallet is organized well, and protects any data while daily life to long range vacations

Timberland PRO Canvas Men’s Wallet with Zipper Inside

Timberland PRO canvas wallet is also considered the best men’s zipper wallet, and here’s the reason. This wallet is made of 50% cotton and 50% leather. It is lightweight, breathable, and slim due to cotton fibers, and it is soft and durable due to leather construction. 

Due to this perfect duo of its materials, this wallet is one of the best cash holders to carry in your jeans or shirt’s pocket. It is also an ideal choice for those who carry wallets in the front pockets of their shirts. 

Apart from these great features, this wallet also has ample storage. It has two slip pockets and four credit card slots. One zipper pocket for coins and one long compartment for bill notes. If you carry your ID card or driver’s license with you, you can keep it in the ID window of this wallet. 

On top of all this, this men’s canvas leather wallet costs much cheaper than pure leather wallets. So if you do not want to spend too much money and still need a good product, this wallet is an excellent option for you. 


  • Lightweight and durable body.
  • It has a slim design.
  • Anti-RFID technology.
  • Lower price.


  • It is not ideal for those who carry too many credit cards

Buyer’s reviews of this product:

It’s pretty compact, so if I’m carrying gift cards or similar then the wallet gets thick fast since nothing can really shift around. But the inside zipper is cool, and the bills do not get rolled edges. That was a problem with my previous larger trifold wallet. Good quality, and holding up well after months of daily use.

Comfortable wallet well made

PUMA Rise Trifold Wallet

If you want a washable wallet that does not shrink upon cleaning, you should buy a PUMA Rise trifold wallet. This wallet is made of 100% polyester, and thus it is washable by hand. Moreover, it has a polyester lining that gives a soft touch to the inner spaces. 

This trifold wallet is also an excellent choice for those who carry more IDs than credit cards. The PUMA Rise wallet has 4 ID windows and three slip pockets. There is also a zipper pocket for coins and a cash pocket for bill notes. 

Even though this wallet has a slim design, it is properly enforced with RFID blocking layers. These layers protect you from being robbed by a digital thief or hacker. 

PUMA offers a variety of choices to its customers, and that’s why everyone loves their products. In this case, they have a collection of 7 different designs and colors in this PUMA Rise wallet. 


  • Super affordable.
  • Lightweight and slim.
  • Protection from RFID.
  • More space for ID cards


  • Smaller than expected

Buyer’s reviews of this product:

It was time to upgrade our Twin boys from their superhero wallets to ones more suitable for middle schoolers. I’m loving the quality of materials as well as their durability thus far (a month on and nothing is broken or ripped). The boys love the sporty feel and look and have no problems with tucking them in their back or front pant pocket or even coat pockets.

Perfect sized wallet and very well made. I got two of these for my sons. The style is sporty and the Velcro helps keep everything secure. I love that it has a zippered section for coins and plastic holders for photos (or things like library cards). They went to camp and I decided they needed an upgrade from taking money in an envelope. 😉 The sturdiness of the wallet depends on how well the seams & the Velcro hold up and so far it looks great. We’re happy with our purchase!


Double Diamond Men’s Leather Wallet with Zipper Pouch

Alpine Swiss is one of the most famous brands for designing stylish products at super affordable prices for their customers. Double Diamond Men’s Leather Wallet with zipper pouch is one of their great products. This wallet is made of genuine leather, yet it is not expensive. 

This wallet is equally stylish and functional. It has an elegant exterior with textured skin and a spacious inner compartment. Let us prove its functionality. This wallet features eight card slots, one ID window, one zipper pocket, two vertical receipt pockets, and one full-lined bill pocket. Plus, all these slots are RFID protected. 

And do you know what makes it one of the best? This wallet comes with a gorgeous blue-colored Double Diamond Alpine Swiss gift box. Thus, this wallet makes a perfect gift for birthdays and Christmas. 


  • Stylish and modern design.
  • It has a slim body.
  • It comes with a gift box.
  • Affordable price.


  • Not as durable as expected

Buyer’s reviews of this product:

It’s kinda of challenging to write a review for a wallet but here we go. I’ve had this for a few weeks. I like it. I like the small coin purse behind where you would put an ID. It’s not too big or small. I have plenty of room for the various other cards I have. I would recommend for the price

Quality product with very nice features and top quality construction

JEMINAL Men’s Camo Printed Bifold Wallet With Coin Pocket

Another canvas wallet with a zipper pocket that caught our attention is JEMINAL Men’s Camo bifold wallet. This wallet is made of durable and lightweight canvas. It has a sleek body and durable covering. The cool camp print on the exterior makes this wallet ideal for teenage guys. 

If you carry all sorts of cards with you, this wallet is ideal for you. It has six different slots to keep your credit card, shopping card, metro card, library card, or more. Other than these, there is 1 ID window and one cash pocket with a zipper closure. You can use it for keeping receipts, bill notes, and coins. 

If you want to buy a gift for your son and husband, let us assure you this wallet is perfect for both. It has a stylish and cool design that will impress all. 


  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Snap closure for added security.
  • RFID protection.
  • Waterproof covering.


  • Too big for pockets

Buyer’s reviews of this product:

Not bulky. Zipper inside. Was for a boy but can br used by an adult as well.

Update two years later
Wallet still looks the same zipper still works
He keeps it in his backpack no need for a new one yet

Great for first wallet for young kids. Bought for my five year old. Fits coins, cash, and gift cards easily. To big to fit in pocket but he’s too young to carry it everywhere, he just bring it when we are going shopping and he intends to buy something, and just carries it in his hand

CALFART Front Pocket Wallet for Men with Zipper Pocket

If you are looking for a slim front-pocket wallet, we have the perfect option for you. CALFART bifold wallet for men is a front pocket wallet because it is sleek and slim in design. 

But being slim does not mean it has any less storage. It can still hold six credit cards and 2 IDs for you, along with coins and bill notes in other compartments. Plus, there are two separate pockets for receipts. 

One great feature of this wallet is the thumb hole at the bottom. It allows you quick access to all credit cards. 


  • This wallet is made of Italian full-grain cowhide leather, and thus it is durable.
  • Plenty of storage.
  • Quick access feature.
  • Fair price.


  • The stitching could be better

Buyer’s reviews of this product:

Excellent for people who just want a simple but functional wallet with not too much crap. It has enough slots. I LOVE how it has the 2 clear ID slots that flip up and down and the zipper inside allows for change or anything and it will not fall out. Of course the RFID credit card protection is a given greatness as well

I bought this wallet for my nephew for Christmas. I believe he is going to really like it. It’s made of a high quality leather and is very well made. I like the RFID factor and I think it looks very nice and has a lot of card space and a place for bills all in a sleek slim wallet.

Rainbow of California Nylon Bifold Wallet With Zipper Coin Pocket  

A lot of people prefer nylon wallets over leather wallets. Nylon wallets are lighter in weight, waterproof, stretchable, and machine-washable. So if you are also on the nylon wallet team, we have an excellent option for you. 

A Nylon bifold wallet by Rainbow of California is a men’s wallet with a zipper inside. This wallet has a hook and loop closure for extra protection. Its 30 Denier Nylon is coated with 100% silver for added strength and RFID protection. 

This wallet has three credit card slots and one zipper pocket for coins. Moreover, there is a full-length bill compartment. So whichever sized currency you have, you can keep it safe in this wallet. 


  • Lightweight and slim body.
  • It is machine washable.
  • Protected from hackers through RFID blocking.
  • Increased durability due to water-resistant covering


  • It is available in one color only

Buyer’s reviews of this product:

Purchased this Rainbow of California RFD wallet for protection against remote ID theft. Plus its very durable against normal wear and tear usage. With the translucent plastic ID window feature offered on different ROC wallets, it does serves its purpose. But it tends to cracks after a period of 2 years. So this time I opted out and bought this particular wallet. As for thickness, the nylon canvas does not add additional bulk when compared to other leather wallets. Even better it dries much quicker and offers better water resistance. Finally the bi-fold construction with velcro closure strips and zippered compartments as more versatility. Buy it.

Needed a slim wallet with a zipper pocket . So far works good

LAORENTOU Genuine Leather Wallet for Men 

Men's Wallet with Zipper Inside 

Another best men’s zipper wallet is the LAORENTOU leather wallet. It is more of a cardholder than a cash holder. This wallet has ten slots for cards and 2 ID windows. A zipper closure then secures all these.

This wallet also has a separate zipper pocket for keeping coins. At the backside of all these slots is a large cash compartment. You can keep your receipts or bill notes in this full-length bill pocket. 

Moreover, this wallet has a super soft polyester lining that does not cause scratch cards when pulled out. It is a great additional feature we all appreciate. Other than this, all slots have RFID-blocking technology. 


  • Functional wallet with plenty of storage.
  • It is available in 6 color options.
  • It is made of high-quality genuine leather


  • It feels bulky when full

Buyer’s reviews of this product:

The wallet fits in his jeans pocket perfectly, and holds notes and money without bulging. It’s nicely designed and very well made with soft leather and solid stitching. The outside zipper is very sturdy with a much-appreciated good-sized pull-tab. It arrived packaged nicely for gift-giving.

Shoe Gone Genuine Leather Men’s Wallet with Inner Zipper Pocket

Shoe Gone wallet is a bifold-type wallet. It is made from genuine leather, and it has a simple design. The leather lining of its compartments increases its durability. 

If we talk about space, this wallet has a lot to offer. It has four inner card slots that can hold up to 4-6 credit cards. It has 2 ID windows, one zipper pocket, and one coin pocket. The two large currency compartments are life-savors for those who carry more cash than cards. 

If your son’s father’s or husband’s birthday is coming, this Shoe Gone wallet is a perfect gift to give them. The gift box packing by the Shoe Gone team makes it all easy and convenient for you.


  • High-quality material.
  • Functional interior to keep things organized.
  • It comes with a gift box.


  • No color options are available

Buyer’s reviews of this product:

I bought this wallet for my husband with hopes that he would like it as he has always been very picky regarding wallets. He loved it! Quality and features are outstanding! The leather is very soft and he appreciated the zipper and coin pocket for monies.
Thank you for an outstanding product!

Too big for my son’s pocket, not what he thought it would be but the quality is great and it came just as described. My son ordered it and learned a valuable lesson, always look at the dimensions before you buy!

How to Choose the Best Men’s Wallet With a Zipper Inside?

Look for the following features if you want to choose the perfect men’s wallet with a zipper inside it. 

Functional Compartments

If a wallet has a zipper pocket, it does not stop there; look for other compartments. Does it have a bill pocket? Does it have plenty of card slots? Is there a window to keep an ID card? Make sure you get all their answers in ‘yes’ before buying that wallet. 


Coins are heavier than cash. So if you keep coins in the zipper compartment of your wallet, they will damage its covering faster than bill notes. That’s why a durable wallet is always a wise choice when buying a wallet for a zipper pocket.

RFID Blocking Technology

RFID blocking technology protects your cards from unauthorized scans or theft. So, make sure the wallet you are buying has this feature. 

Are wallets with zipper inside worth it?

Well, do wallets with zippers inside are worth it or not really depends on your personal preferences and needs. Let’s weigh the pros and cons!

One of the major advantages of having a wallet with a zipper inside is the added security it provides. You see, zippers can help keep your cash, cards, and other valuables safe and sound. No more worries about accidentally dropping something or having items slip out of your wallet unnoticed. With a zipper, everything stays snugly tucked away, giving you peace of mind.

Another great thing about zippered wallets is that they can be quite practical. If you tend to carry a lot of coins or small items like keys or USB drives, a zipper can be a game-changer. It prevents those pesky coins from jingling around and scratching other items in your wallet. Plus, it’s much easier to find what you’re looking for when everything is neatly enclosed within a zippered compartment.

However, there are a few things to consider before jumping on the zipper bandwagon. For one, zippers can add bulk to your wallet. If you prefer a slim and minimalist design, a zippered wallet might not be the best option for you.

Also, keep in mind that zippers can wear out over time, so it’s important to choose a wallet with a high-quality zipper to ensure durability.

So, whether a wallet with a zipper inside is worth it or not really comes down to your individual needs and preferences. If security and organization are high on your priority list, a zippered wallet might just be your new best friend.

But if you value simplicity and a sleek design, you might want to explore other wallet options. So, take a moment to think about what matters most to you and make your decision accordingly.

Final Words and our Personal Pick.

Relic by Fossil Men’s Leather Wallet is the best men’s wallet with a zipper inside. This trifold wallet features every premium characteristic you wish in a leather wallet. It is durable, super lightweight, highly functional, and very affordable. Plus, it is equipped with the best RFID protection. So, if you want to make a statement wherever you go, you should buy this wallet. 


Do men use zipper wallets?

The Trend of using zipper wallets is increasing in men because of their style and safety. The inclusion of a zipper makes the wallet way more secure than a normal wallet, and they also come with RFID-Technology.

What type of wallet lasts the longest?

The Top grain leather wallets are known to last longer than any other wallet because of their built quality. Since they’re taken from top-grade animal hide, they possess all the characteristics of full-grain leather, making them the most durable leather.

What wallet should men have?

Leather wallets and Zipper wallets are among the most preferable wallet among men. The zipper wallets are one of the most secure wallets that are great to carry, especially while traveling, and on normal days, the leather wallets are perfect due to their style and durability.

What wallet do billionaires use?

Long wallets so they can carry numerous credit cards. Since the security of those cards is a must, they prefer wallets with RFID-Technology that can save from unwanted scans.

Which is the best zipper wallet brand in the world?

Here’s a list of some of the best Men’s Zipper wallets brands.

1:Men’s Wallet with Zipper Inside
2:Relic by Fossil Men’s Leather Trifold Wallet
3:Mule Switchback Men’s Zipper Wallet with Zipper Inside
4:REAGO Handcrafted Full Grain Bifold Leather Wallet for Men
5:DiLoro Men’s Bifold Wallet with a Zipper Pocket
6:YOOMALL Men’s Leather Wallet Bifold Wallet with Coin Pocket
7:LAORENTOU Men’s Wallet With Hidden Zipper Pocket
8:HAWEE Trifold Cowhide Leather Wallet for Men
9:Timberland PRO Canvas Men’s Wallet with Zipper Inside
10:PUMA Rise Trifold Wallet

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