12 Affordable wallet brands for Guys | Budget-friendly Luxurious Wallets

Affordable Wallet brands for guys: It doesn’t matter how old you are, and it doesn’t matter what your daily routine looks like: every guy needs a wallet! They are essential because they keep your cash and valuable credit cards secure, and at the same time, they keep everything organized.

In today’s society, wallets are not only responsible to keeps all your cash and credit cards in them, but they also reflect your style and sense of life. A wallet isn’t just any other essential thing: it represents the type of personality you have.

A perfect wallet is stylish, has well-built quality, is compact and aesthetically attractive. Basically, A good wallet has a classic balance between function and fashion.

But since there are so many wallet brands in the market that offers the same package, luxury with functionality, it gets confusing for the customers to choose a wallet for them.

Not to mention, most of these brands offer prices that are not affordable for every other person.

So, here’s a list of 12 Affordable Wallet brands for guys that are durable, stylish, and have premium look at the same time.

Affordable wallet brands for Guys

Carl Friedrik

affordable wallet brands for guys
Affordable wallet brands for Guys

Carl Friedrik is a brand that has emerged from London and manufactures numerous products with extremely high-quality leather. Carl Friedrik wallets are manufactured with world-class leather and are tanned naturally, making their wallets superior in quality and aesthetically unique. Even though these wallets possess every trait of a high-end wallet, the company has kept their prices pretty reasonable.

While curating the list of Affordable Wallet brands for guys, Carl Friedrik comes on the very top of the list!


affordable wallet brands for guys

Bellroy is a very popular brand name and is famous for all the good reasons. The company is known to produce high-quality leather wallets that are very slim and stylish. Ever since minimalist wallets became the new wave, Bellroy’s ultra-slim wallets have gained tons of popularity. Another reason for Bellroy’s fame is that the brand offers these high-quality wallets at very affordable rates.

Allen St

affordable wallet brands for guys

The Allen St has a unique story behind its brand’s creation. It was founded by two friends who had a great appreciation for creativity and culture. The Allen St brand designs a large variety of wallets, and their wallets stand out because of their high-quality material and uniqueness.

Even though Allen St wallets look and feel like a premium brand, their prices make them affordable for everyone. Allen St manufactures these wallets with extremely high-quality leather, and they come in some unique colors.


Affordable wallet brands for Guys

Nixon is a classy brand that was founded in 1998, and they manufacture all sorts of high-quality accessories for both men and women. Their men’s category of accessories also includes a wide range of fashionable wallets.

The brand makes sure that these wallets are built with outstanding quality and provide a premium wallet experience to the buyers. Nixon wallets are available in both leather and non-leather designs, and the company promises long durability. Another lovely thing about these wallets, they don’t come with eye-opening price tags on them.


Escuyer is a brand that never compromises on the built quality and long durability of its products. The brand designs classy men’s wallets that look sleek and stylish and provide notable functionality as well. Escuyer offers a wide range of elegant wallets that come in unique styles, colors, and with quite an attractive price tag.


Aurelien is a luxury brand that manufactures high-quality products at prices that are affordable for everyone. Their wallets are stylish, extremely durable, and built with the very finest material. Aurelien is a luxury fashion brand that maintains very high built quality standards, and their hard work is reflected in their wallets which gives a premium look. But their prices, Gotta love this brand for that as well!

Ted Baker

affordable wallet brands for guys
Affordable wallet brands for Guys

Ted Baker is a brand that was founded in Glasgow and became famous for manufacturing high-quality shirts. After the quick success in the shirts business, Ted Baker started producing a wide range of men’s clothing and accessories. Today, the brand is known for its stylish and extremely high-quality garments and accessories.

They produce high-quality wallets that are classy and easily affordable for everyone. If you are looking for affordable wallet brands for guys, Ted Baker should definitely be on your list.

Café Leather

Café Leather is an international brand that produces high-quality leather products with outstanding built quality. The leather they use in their products is one of the finest and lasts for decades. Their products have their own unique style and authenticity. Café leather’s products, including their wallets, provide a premium experience and can be purchased at amazing prices.


Affordable wallet brands for Guys

Lacoste is one of the most well-known brand names nowadays. Starting in 1933, Lacoste manufactures all sorts of leather, footwear, sportswear, and now luxury clothing products. The company also produces minimalist wallets that have great durability and look good as well. The brand is so old that almost everyone recognizes it with its famous crocodile logo. Another thing that makes this brand recognizable is the admirable build quality of its product. The budget-friendly minimalist wallets of Lacoste are definitely worth trying.

ASOS Design

ASOS is a British brand that designs and manufactures a wide variety of stylish and high-quality products at very cheap rates. Despite the excellent built quality, great designs, and premium looks, ASOS sells its wallets at very affordable rates.

If you’re looking for a wallet with great looks, works perfectly as a wallet, and has an appealing price tag, you should definitely try the ASOS design wallets.

Fossil Wallets

Affordable wallet brands for Guys

The Fossil wallets are known for their top-notch build quality, sleek designs, practicality, and on top of all, their budget-friendly prices. Fossil manufactures their wallets using extremely high-quality leather, and the lining and stitching are done to perfection.

The wallets are very sleek in design, making it very easy to adjust them in both; front and back pockets. Despite their slim build, the wallet can still hold more than 6 cards and have multiple ID windows, making it a perfect wallet for almost everyone. Fossil designs a wide variety of wallets, and their prices make them even more appealing.

Vaultskin Manhattan

Affordable wallet brands for Guys

Vaultskin Manhattan designs and manufactures high-quality leather minimalist wallets that are available at very reasonable rates. The company makes sure that its wallets have the top-notch build quality, pack tons of features, and still look premium.

Vaultskin Manhattan wallets are certainly worth trying if you are looking for a wallet with great design and functionality with a reasonable price tag.

Final Verdict on Affordable wallet brands for Guys:

Since the market is saturated with wallets of all sorts of designs, brands, and different prices on them, it can get a bit tricky to find affordable wallet brands for guys. The list that we have curated includes all the wallet brands that design and manufacture high-quality men’s wallets. What’s special about these brands is that despite their top-notch build quality and great style, these brands offer their wallets at affordable rates. So you can enjoy a premium quality wallet without disturbing your pocket!

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