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You must love using leather products, especially wallets. Leather wallets are sturdy, last longer, and are always trendy. However, If you do not ensure proper maintenance of your leather wallet, it may begin to crack up, lose its appearance, or may not last for very long.

Chances are you must’ve used leather wallets or purses several times with all the care, but unfortunately, they all ended up in the same condition, and you always wonder, How do I keep my leather wallet from cracking? Or how to prevent bags from peeling? Or how to keep leather bags from cracking?

Don’t worry; we got you!

Cracking is one of the significant problems you can face if you own a leather wallet. Many factors, such as direct exposure to sunlight, excess heat and temperature, moisture, and dry conditions, contribute to the cracking of leather wallets.

But the good news is that you can prevent your leather wallet from being worn out and cracking if you follow the steps correctly. Here are a few practical measures to keep your leather wallet from breaking and maintain a new-like appearance.

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Keep your leather wallet away from sunlight and heat.

How Do I Keep My Leather Wallet From Cracking?
How Do I Keep My Leather Wallet From Cracking

Exposure to sunlight and heat is one the primary reasons that cause the leather to crack over time. Therefore, keeping your leather wallet away from direct sunlight or any other heat sources is necessary. While traveling, put your leather wallet in a cool and dry place. Avoid leaving your purse inside your car for extended periods, especially on a hot summer day`.

 Investing in leather protection products.

Frequently using a leather wallet lessens its age. Especially if you live in a humid environment, you must invest in good quality leather protection products to avoid that.

Applying leather protection products makes a barrier between the leather and the external environment, which allows the wallet to withstand harsh environments. These products do not allow the moisture present in the air to seep inside the leather and cause any cracks. Before applying the product, test it on a small area or corner of the wallet to prevent any harmful effects or discoloration.

 Condition and clean your wallet regularly

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Keep your wallet clean.

Taking care of any item keeps it alive and functioning for a long. Similar is the case with leather wallets. If you ensure proper care and cleaning of your wallet regularly, your wallet will not crack up.

Conditioning and cleaning are crucial for maintaining a leather wallet. You can do it using a soft cloth to wipe off any dust or dirt on the surface. Once you have cleaned your wallet thoroughly, apply a leather conditioner to keep your purse supple and maintain its look. Make sure you select and use a good quality leather conditioner.

 Avoid overstuffing

How Do I Keep My Leather Wallet From Cracking?
Avoid overstuffing your wallet with unnecessary things

Overstuffing stretches your leather wallet and disturbs its natural shape. Once the form is disturbed from continuous overstuffing, it is hard to restore its original shape. Carrying only essential items like credit cards, ID, and cash can ensure a good shape.

To avoid overstuffing, you can use a separate pouch or bag whenever you carry any extra items. Overstuffing also causes the stitching and binding to loosen up and the threads to break up. Loose threads may cause the wallet to lose its required tightness and grip over the stuff kept inside it. 

 Proper storing

How Do I Keep My Leather Wallet From Cracking?
Store your wallet in a safe place when you’re not using it.

When you aren’t using your wallet actively, it is essential to store it in a nice and proper place to prevent any damage to the wallet. Keep it in a cool and dry place where your wallet is not directly exposed to water, heat, or sun. 

Store your wallet in a separate compartment or box instead of throwing your wallet in an already overly stuffed drawer. Overstacking stuff over or around your wallet may damage it. Also, be mindful while keeping your wallet in your pockets. Keeping your wallet and your keys in the same wallet may potentially damage it. Sitting on your wallet may also damage your wallet. Dedicate a pocket just to keep your wallet in.

Final Verdict on How Do I Keep My Leather Wallet From Cracking!

How Do I Keep My Leather Wallet From Cracking?

Maintaining your leather wallet is very simple if you know these proper steps. With minimum effort and timely care, you can prevent your wallet from cracking and ensure it lasts longer.

Remember, all you have to do is not place it in excess heat or sunlight, clean it occasionally with a soft cloth, apply leather conditioner, and carry only the necessary items. Keep the wallet within its capacity and store it in a good place. Following these steps, you can enjoy your leather wallet for many upcoming years.


Do I need to oil my leather wallet?

It depends on your wallet’s built quality. If you have a wallet that is made of full-grain leather, which is considered the best quality of leather, then oiling it can have great results. Doing so can restore its natural oils and keep your wallet looking its best; however, if your wallet is not built with high-quality leather, oiling it may not make a huge difference and can even damage it.

Is Vaseline good for cracked leather?

Yes, Applying vaseline can be helpful in moisturizing and softening cracked leather for a short period of time; however, it can’t be used as a permanent solution in the long run or to prevent any further damage to the leather.

What oil is best for leather wallets?

Here are some great options of oils for leather wallets.
1: Neatsfoot oil
2: Mink oil
3: Jojoba oil
4: Coconut oil

What should you not use on leather?

 Ammonia or bleach-based products. Never use these products, as they are extremely harsh and can damage your leather’s natural finish

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