Genuine leather trifold wallet | 15 Best leather wallets for Men

Leather material is the best option for a wallet to last longer. But if you want something durable, affordable, and spacious, you should not look for just a simple leather wallet; you should look for genuine leather trifold wallets. 

Because of the genuine leather body, these are durable and affordable. Plus, these can hold almost all of your small stuff due to the trifold style. So if you want to buy a genuine leather trifold wallet, here are the 15 best options you can consider. 

Genuine leather trifold wallet

Levogue Genuine Leather Slim Trifold Wallet

genuine leather trifold wallet

Leather wallets are not usually slim, but Levogue made that happen with their remarkable craftsmanship and innovative technology. Levogue genuine leather trifold wallet is the best if you are looking for low-profile options. 

Because it is made of high-quality genuine leather, this wallet is durable and resistant to wear and tear. The price is also just around the affordable range for leather wallets. This wallet will come packed in a handsome box, ready to be gifted to your grandpa, husband, or son. 

This wallet is our top pick also because of its functionality. There are two bill compartments, 1 ID window, 2 document compartments, and six card slots. So, you can fit pretty much all of your small, carryable stuff in this wallet. Plus, the card slots have a strong RFID blocking feature to maximize security. 

  • The inner lining is also leather, making this wallet even more long-lasting.
  • It has a sleek design that can fit into your front pocket.
  • This wallet is available in 14 unique colors.
  • It might be too big for some people.

Buyer’s Reviews of this product:

The look of the wallet was exactly what I was looking for. The feel of the wallet was better than I expected (soft cow hide) leather. But as most men know it’s the size that matters most. The size is perfect as you can see from the pictures. And of course all the card slots and extra money sleeve is what you always expect. And looking for hours at all the different wallets, made the right choice. And you can’t beat the price, trust me I looked.

This was an additional birthday gift for my husband. He is very pleased with it. His other one needed to retire as it was so worn, but knowing how men are about replacing their old “friend”, I was faced with the dilemma of choosing the right one for his needs. I am happy I chose this one for him. It looks and feels like a much more expensive wallet. Even the packaging was more than I expected. You can’t go wrong purchasing this one. The size is just right to either fit in a back or front pocket.

Identity Stronghold Genuine Leather Trifold Wallet For Men

genuine leather trifold wallet

If you are looking for cheap yet good-quality, you should buy Identity Stronghold Trifold Wallet. This wallet is made of genuine buffalo leather; therefore, it is highly durable due to its elastic and strong material. 

Identity Stronghold knows that your primary concern is protecting your valuable information. Therefore, they use the most protective layers in their wallets to make sure no unauthorized scanner or hacker can access your cards. 

There is plenty of space to keep your bills and cards in this wallet. This wallet has six card slots and one ID window. Plus, there is a bill compartment and two hidden pockets. You can keep your receipts or random papers in these hidden pockets.

You can also ask for a free return or full money refund if you are not satisfied with the quality of this wallet. But the manufacturers are sure you’ll love their product and will not need to use this policy at all. 

  • It is made of highly durable and strong material.
  • Protected by anti-RFID technology.
  • It is available at an affordable price.
  • The exterior is somewhat slippery.

Buyer’s Reviews of this product:

My husband was discouraged by the cheaply made wallets available locally. He wanted a trifold wallet that looks nice and will hold up well. After a lengthy search on Amazon we found the perfect wallet for him. Well made and stylist this wallet checks all the boxes. It arrived today and he immediately transferred all his items over. He loves the color. He is super picky about wallets and to say he absolutely loves this wallet is saying a LOT.

Bottom line, this is a quality wallet that’s not too big and bulky. It will fit in your front or rear pocket just fine. It will hold six credit cards, your id and cash comfortably. You could squeeze another card or two in there if need be. If you have to have more than eight cards on you at all times, this wallet is not for you. The look and feel of the leather is high quality and looks sharp. I really like the fact the card slots are inwards preventing any chance of a card from slipping out. The RFID protection gives peace of mind. Overall a great tri-fold wallet.

Timberland Men’s Genuine Leather Trifold Wallet

genuine leather trifold wallet

This high-quality trifold leather wallet by Timberland is the best for keeping cash. This wallet has two large bill compartments that can hold different-sized currencies. You can also use these cash pockets to keep random papers. 

This wallet has a leather lining and a soft leather exterior. When used daily, its wallet’s outer texture will become even better. But you have to avoid machine-washing this wallet because a washing machine can damage its terrific exterior. 

Even though this wallet is slim and compact, it still has a lot of storage. It has six slots for cards and two slip pockets for receipts. So if you are looking for something multifunctional, this wallet is a great option. 

  • It comes at an affordable rate.
  • Ideal for those who carry more cash than cards.
  • Compact design.
  • Only one color choice is available.

Buyer’s Reviews of this product:

My husband loves his wallet. This is his second one. He wouldn’t have had to replace the first one but because its leather it absorbs odors and he is a smoker that puts his cigarette butts in his pockets so it smelled like the. He has quit smoking and wanted to get rid of the old one due to the smell. It’s still holding strong. If we can figure out how to clean it we will keep it as a back up.

Kenneth Cole REACTION Men’s Wallet

Kenneth Cole REACTION is a unique trifold wallet with a genuine leather exterior and textile lining. Due to this great combination of its material, this wallet is one of the most durable options on our list. 

It is a minimalist wallet with many remarkable features. First of all, it has an RFID blocking feature. This feature protects you from being robbed by digital thieves. Moreover, this wallet has so many compartments to keep your stuff organized. 

So, if you carry more than just a few cards with you, this wallet will come in handy. It has 11 slots for cards and licenses. For your ID card, this wallet has a separate transparent pocket. And if you want to carry cash too, this wallet has a separate compartment for that as well. 

  • Minimalist design.
  • It has a lot of space to offer.
  • All of its pockets have anti-RFID protection.
  • Affordable.
  • It seems bulky when full.

Buyer’s Reviews of this product:

I absolutely love this wallet! It is very stylish and does in fact live up to the “slim” description. I really love the Reaction Line and have so many items from it. However, this is my definite everyday item. One thing that has been surprisingly nice is that even when I have been sweaty or got a little wet from the rain, the wallet has stayed nice. 

Access Denied Genuine Leather Men’s Wallet

Access Denied is one of the top brands for handcrafting the finest wallets. They use the best materials in the manufacturing process so that their wallets last for generations. And therefore, we have found a fantastic option from their leather trifold wallet men’s collection for you.

The Genuine Leather Wallet by Access Denied is genuinely a masterpiece. It is one of the most elegant and classic wallets you can buy for yourself. And because this wallet comes with a handsome box, you can also give it to your loved ones as a gift. 

You can keep all your small stuff organized with the seven credit cards, three slip pockets, and 1 ID window. Plus, there is a separate bill pocket for bill notes and documents. All of these pockets are compliant with FIPS-201 standards. Therefore, these are super secure to hold your cards. 

  • It is made of high-quality material.
  • It comes with a gift box.
  • You can choose from 9 color options.
  • Lifetime warranty on the quality.
  • The size is too big for some people.

Buyer’s Reviews of this product:

I have had for about 1 month now. Very happy with purchase. I have had trifold wallets for more than 40 years and this seems quality material & workmanship. I transferred all my “stuff” into this new wallet and then ( I recommend ) put a large heavy jar/can/object about 5 pounds or so, on top of it ( with wallet folded into the 3 folds down into one ),,, thus making it stay folded when not in use. Very happy with purchase and recommend.

Well-made wallet. Good size and durable. This is my second like this and the first had a “life-time warranty”. After years of hard use it didn’t seem right to ask for a replacement.
Highly recommended.

Alpine Swiss Leon Trifold Wallet for Men

genuine leather trifold wallet

Alpine Swiss Leon Trifold wallet features a genuine leather exterior and leather lining. It is not prone to scratches or tears so that you can keep it for a long time. You have to hand wash it whenever it gets dirty to keep it as good as new. 

When it comes to functionality, this wallet makes an excellent option. It has many inner compartments. First of all, there are eight card slots with RFID protection technology. There is a middle ID window for keeping your ID card or license. Plus, there is a wide bill pocket for cash.

If you like the design, you can choose from 6 fantastic color options. On top of all these great features, a beautiful gift box comes packed with this wallet. 

  • It has two easy-to-access vertical card slots.
  • You can choose from 3 curated collections, all with different logos.
  • It is true to its size.
  • It is not ideal for people who carry a lot of cards.

Buyer’s Reviews of this product:


A friend approached me to order a tri-fold wallet to replace his that was literally falling apart. He didn’t want to spend a fortune, but not get junk either.

Boy were we both surprised and suitably impressed! What a fine quality product the Alpine Swiss Mens Leon Trifold Wallet is. The leather was a beautiful hue – soft Nappa Tan. Stitching top notch. But it was the feel! The genuine leather was soft as a baby’s bottom – as they say. A tremendous value that will no doubt last for many years.

I may order one for myself just for jolly.

Steve Franks

Winchester Genuine Leather Full Grain Wallet

Winchester American Legend is a well-known brand that has been manufacturing well-constructed accessories for men since 1866. Winchester Genuine Leather Trifold wallet is one of their fine products. 

This wallet is perfect for everyday use because it is functional and durable. It has multiple card slots and two slip pockets. Plus, all these pockets are layered with RFID blocking technology. 

Moreover, if you want to carry cash with you, you can keep it in the large bill compartment of this wallet. 

One thing we loved about this wallet was its slim design. It will not bulge out even if you fill it with cash, documents, and cards. You can also keep it in your coat or jean’s pocket. 

  • It has an elegant, vintage design.
  • It has RFID blocking features.
  • You get a signature gift box in the package with this wallet.
  • The inner pockets are too stiff.

Buyer’s Reviews of this product:

Great wallet. Smallest trifold I found, and I like the rougher leather. Build quality is good also. Card pockets start tight, but as with all real leather, it stretches enough in a couple weeks. Use of a rubber band for a couple days after filling it helps it stretch. Compact and solid.

he really likes it. it’s like it’s already worn in.

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Genuine Leather Trifold Wallet

genuine leather trifold wallet

If you are looking for a wallet that offers you extra capacity, look no further. Tommy Hilfiger is a high-quality trifold leather wallet featuring a spacious inner compartment. It has six card slots and two slip pockets on the inside. Plus, it has multiple removable transparent card slots for extra storage. 

The slim design is what makes this Tommy Hilfiger a unique wallet. It is an excellent option if you continually keep your wallet in your front pocket. Moreover, this wallet has a classy ‘Tommy Hilfiger’ logo on its outer surface. 

Because this wallet is made of high-quality leather, it is long-lasting. It is resistant to the usual process of wear and tear. And do you know the best thing about this wallet? It comes at a jaw-dropping cheaper price. 

  • Plenty of internal storage for keeping cards.
  • There are ten color options available.
  • It is wear-resistant.
  • It does not have RFID blocking technology.

Buyer’s Reviews of this product:

This Tommy Hilfiger Trifold Wallet when 8 years on it with my 285 pound butt setting on it 365/24/7 I was happy with it so I bought another one . If I get 8 years out of this one I will buy it again. Thanks Tommy for a well made wallet. In the Photo’s you can see the new wallet next to the old wallet and the ware and tear over the 8 years.

Great wallet! A lot nicer than I thought it would be the leather is so soft and the wallet itself is made very well! If you’re not sure whether to buy it or not just do it, you will like it. I’ve had mine for a few months now and I’m still happy I bought it.

GOIACII Slim Trifold Wallet for Men 

GOIACII slim trifold wallet should be your prime choice if you want something functional and affordable. This wallet is available in 3 elegant colors, all reasonably priced. 

It is a unique trifold wallet with 2 ID windows and two sim card slots. Other than these, it has nine credit card slots and two bill compartments. It is easy to keep all your essentials secure and organized with these many pockets. 

When a wallet is this good, you also want it to last longer. So let us assure you this wallet is super durable and long-lasting. If you buy this genuine leather wallet, you’ll never have to worry about buying a new wallet for many years. 

GOIACII sends a gift box along with this wallet in every package. You can use it as a birthday or holiday present for your husband or son. Additionally, you get to choose between different colors. You can buy this wallet in brown, coffee, and a fresh navy blue color. 

  • It is made from 100% genuine leather.
  • It has extra slots for sim cards and an additional ID window.
  • All the compartments are safe from illegal RFID.
  • It is bulkier than expected.

Buyer’s Reviews of this product:

Holds a lot of cards

I got this for my guy, the color is even better in person.

Chimoda Premium Genuine Leather Wallet

genuine leather trifold wallet

Another great option if you are looking for more space is Chimoda Premium Genuine Leather Wallet. It is a trifold wallet made of 100% genuine leather. The combination of a slim design and spacious interior makes this wallet unique. 

This wallet can hold just the optimal amount of essentials for everyday use. It has one multipurpose slot, 1 ID slot, two bill pockets, and eight card slots. So if you carry the most valuable stuff only, this wallet is an ideal choice for you. 

This wallet is handcrafted with genuine cowhide leather. Plus, it has fine stitching on the edges. Due to its high-quality material, this wallet is sturdy, wear-resistant, and waterproof. All these features make this wallet super durable for years to come. To keep it in good shape, just hand-wash it from time to time. 

  • This wallet has a slim design that can fit in a front pocket.
  • There are multiple anti-RFID slots in the interior compartment.
  • Waterproof and wear-resistant covering.
  • It is available in 3 colors.
  • The bill compartment is small for some currencies.

Buyer’s Reviews of this product:

I am very pleased with the black leather wallet I received. I can fit everything in there. It was a fast delivery as well, thank you!

This wallet was a gift for my boy friend. He really overjoys the quality and design of my gift . The Wallet has so much space that all his credit cards and IDs are fitted perfectly . Leather quality is outstanding. The stitching is also flawless and I’m sure it will last for a long time. The size of the wallet is very appropriate. It’s not thick and fits comfortably in his shirt pocket and back pocket. As a gift , we are satisfied fully for this purchase .

COSZEA Genuine Leather Trifold Wallet

If you are not a fan of traditional grainy-textured leather wallets, we have a perfect option for you. COSZEA has the best leather trifold wallet men’s collection with a smooth texture. Their wallets are crafted on casual designs with a soft and smooth exterior. 

These wallets have every premium feature you might be looking for in a wallet. They have ample storage, high durability, RFID blocking technology, and a slim design. Moreover, these wallets are surprisingly cheap even with all these incredible features. 

Let us tell you how you can organize your stuff with this wallet. It has 12 slots for cards to keep your banking cards, metro cards, membership cards, and more. There are 2 ID windows for holding an ID card and driving license. Additionally, there is a large bill pocket for keeping cash. 

  • It is made of durable material.
  • Ideal for someone who carries many cards.
  • It comes at an affordable price.
  • There are no-slip pockets for receipts.

Buyer’s Reviews of this product:

Quality stitched beautiful soft leather wallet in a perfectly styled tri-fold design with plenty of slots and pockets for cards, ID and cash!! Very attractive wallet made with quality materials!! Thank you!!!

Perfect for my husband who desperately needed a new one. He tends to carry a lot of cash and this has no problem holding it. Plenty of spots for cards too.

Crosses – Genuine Leather Wallet for Men

Another excellent wallet for extra space is Crosse’s leather trifold wallet. This wallet has nine slots for holding your different cards. There are also two slip pockets behind the card slots for keeping receipts, papers, or random documents. 

The long bill pocket is what makes this wallet different from others. You can use it for keeping different-sized bill notes of foreign currencies. On top of all that, all of its compartments are secured with anti-RFID technology. 

This wallet has a unique design and slim design. It can fit just right into a front pocket. Additionally, it has a metal medallion on the exterior. This medallion has three stamped crosses. So, this wallet makes a great gift for your parents, husband, or son, especially if you are a Christian. 

  • It has plenty of space for holding cards.
  • Anti-RFID technology is incorporated in its pockets.
  • It is made of high-quality leather.
  • A bit expensive but it is worth the price.

Buyer’s Reviews of this product:

So I actually had this same wallet once before I found it at a thrift store here in Florida and loved it . I had no idea where it came from I looked in several stores asking about the name including Christian book stores no one had this one I was looking for. As a last resort I decided to look on here not only did you have it but it was at a great price too. I absolutely love my new wallet. Thanks so much the quality is with out a doubt excellent. The other wallet even though it was used lasted me 5 yrs before I decide to get a new one.

My first one of these lasted probably 9 years is not totally worn out but needs to retire. Excellent leather work with the 3 cross medallion on the front. I stuff it with lots more than it’s meant to hold would highly recommend this product

YOUMAI Genuine Leather Trifold Wallet for Men

genuine leather trifold wallet

YOUMAI wallet is the roomiest leather wallet on our list. It is a high-quality trifold leather wallet with 11 card slots, 3 ID windows, two bill compartments, one zipper pocket, and one coin pocket. Therefore, YOUMAI is the only place where you can find something this spacious at such a reasonable rate. 

This wallet has a soft and smooth texture with a lightweight body. Moreover, its premium-quality material is waterproof. This feature makes this wallet long-lasting and durable. However, you cannot wash it in a machine; it should be hand-washed only. 

If your anniversary, your son’s birthday, or father’s day is coming, you can buy this wallet to give as a gift to your loved ones. To make it easier for you, YOUMAI sends a lovely gift box with this wallet. 

  • It has a spacious interior with multiple pockets.
  • All slots are RFID protected.
  • Waterproof and durable material.
  • It comes with a gift box.
  • It is hard to close when full.

Buyer’s Reviews of this product:

Good product. Lots of place foe cards . Small pocket for coins.

This wallet is well stitched and put together. I use a leather balm to protect the leather, of course, it came out a little darker. I recommend this item!

ManChDa Genuine Leather Money Organizer Trifold Wallet

ManChDa Money Organizer is a unique trifold wallet you can buy. It is a 3-in-1 wallet used as a cardholder, cash holder, or both. With magnetic closure, genuine leather exterior, and leather lining, it is one of the coolest wallets on our list. 

This wallet has a large bill compartment on the back. In the middle, there is a big card slot. It can hold 5 embossed cards or 6 flat cards. You can quickly access the cards present in it using a pop-up switch. This cardholder attaches to the bill compartment through a magnetic. 

There are also four extra card slots on the front and backside. All these slots are protected by RFID blocking technology. 

The exterior is scratch-resistant, and thus this wallet is durable. Another great thing that adds up to the long lifespan of this wallet is its strong stitching. 

  • Unique design with magnetic closure.
  • Easy access to the cards.
  • RFID blocking technology.
  • Scratch-resistant exterior.
  • Too expensive.

Buyer’s Reviews of this product:

This is without question the best wallet I have ever owned. Love the magnetic CC holder. The leather is phenomenal and the design is genius.

Great for about 12 cards. 6 in the popup, slots for others you don’t use often. Real cash holder, a lot of wallets don”t have this, want you to fold your bills to put in wallet. This one holds ample cash and cards for all your purchasing needs in a 1″ thick trifold, magnetic closure, holds 12 cards plus cash. Good looking leather too!

Maison De Noah Men’s Genuine Leather Wallet

The final product on our list is the low-profile Maison De Noah trifold wallet. It is beautifully handcrafted with the full-grained genuine leather; therefore, it is long-lasting. Its minimalist design is what attracts most people who are looking for an elegant and simple wallet. 

This wallet is a slim product along with being low profile. And even though it is a slim wallet, it has plenty of space to hold your everyday essentials. There are 2 transparent windows for IDs, 9 slots, and 2 universal currency slots. All these slots are anti-RFID to make this wallet even better.

Did we mention you can buy this great wallet in 5 unique colors? It is available in black, brown, dark brown, milk brown, and tan color. 

  • Slim and minimalist wallet.
  • It is available at a reasonable price.
  • 9 card slots with RFID blocking technology.
  • It is available in 5 colors.
  • The mesh of ID windows is not transparent enough to properly show the cards below.

Buyer’s Reviews of this product:

Got this for my boyfriend and I love it. Kinda big but we like it. The color is exactly as picture. Good wallet


I prefer to use men’s wallets. I just prefer something I can fit in my pocket. I don’t carry a purse or a women’s wallet. This is the perfect size to fit all my cards, cash, ID,& car ins. I believe it will hold up slot better than my last wallet. The stitching seems to be strong. The packaging it was wrapped in was a plus as well.

How to Choose the Best Genuine Leather Trifold Wallet? (The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide)

Look for these features when buying a genuine leather trifold wallet. 


Leather is somewhat heavier than other materials used in making wallets. It is the only drawback of buying a genuine leather wallet. So to minimize this disadvantage, you should buy a minimalist wallet. It is because minimalist wallets with simple designs tend to be lighter than those with stylish coverings. 


It is essential that whichever trifold wallet you buy has RFID blocking technology. This technology prevents hackers and thieves from illegally accessing your cards and their info. 

Now that every brand is well aware of the importance of this technology, all wallets have this feature. However, you should still make sure the wallet you buy has this feature. 


Leather products are expensive, there is no doubt about that, but you cannot spend all your money on a simple accessory. Various well-known brands manufacture high-quality leather wallets at such reasonable prices. You just have to find them. 

And in this case, you do not have to do that either because we have already listed all the affordable genuine leather trifold wallets for you.

Final Verdict

Levogue Slim Trifold Wallet is the best genuine leather trifold wallet one can buy. The simple design, wear-resistant covering, durable material, and RFID protection are some of its features to name. Above all, it is available at a cost-effective price. 

But if you are looking for something unique instead of the traditional leather wallet design, you should consider buying ManChDa Genuine Leather Money Organizer Trifold Wallet. 

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