Are Louis Vuitton Wallets Worth It? A personal Review

Louis Vuitton, as a brand, has an enormous appeal. This French luxury brand production has a wide product range. From stylish clothing or ready-to-rock shoes to daily usage accessories like wallets, watches, and even belts.

The handbags and wallets by Louis Vuitton are among its most coveted products. This article focuses specifically on wallets. Are Louis Vuitton Wallets Worth It? I will share my personal experience with my Louis Vuitton wallets and my opinion on if they are worth it or not, based on multiple factors.

Are Louis Vuitton Wallets Worth It

Are Louis Vuitton Wallets Worth It?

Build Quality

I got my first Louis Vuitton wallet as a gift a few years back. It was a bifold cardholder style. I was not into any of these high-fashion wallets prior to my experience with Louis Vuitton. I am convinced about the build quality after using my wallet for a very long time. It has been with me everywhere.

Being projected with all sorts of rough and tough dealings. It didn’t disappoint me. The threading started to fray around the corners a little after six years of usage. I could have easily extended its life up to 3-4 years with a bit of more careful handling.

The quality and construction deserve respect. Undoubtedly, it is one of the major selling points for these branded wallets. Expert craftsmanship and durable materials are the elements that make Louis Vuitton bags and wallets timeless. The coated canvas used in their wallets and bags is known for its water resistance and pleasing looks.


Talking about the design, Louis Vuitton wallets always stand out when compared to a standard wallet or other any other designer wallet. Louis Vuitton bags and wallets have a unique signature look that makes them easy to identify and stand out. The monogram print is the most distinct among others.

Canvas wallets are very soft and smooth to the touch yet so durable to last over five years at least with ease.

But If you are looking for a choice in leather ones, I would suggest that you consider Epi & Taiga leather wallets. These leather wallets have a very classic look and are extremely sturdy. They are built compact with well-defined edges.

All sums up to the opinion that if you want to purchase a high-end designer wallet that has all the elements of aesthetics combined, Louis Vuitton wallets are perfect.

Are Louis Vuitton Wallets Worth It

Materials Used

The materials that go into the manufacturing of a wallet determine the quality of the wallet. Cheap leather and fabric wear off quickly.

Monogram Eprimente

Monogram Empreinte is leather made of calfskin. Though it is very soft, it is durable enough to last at least half a decade. Louis Vuitton wallets, card holders, handbags, and many other accessories are made out of them.

It is slightly heavier than canvas. Its prominent features are its soft yet durable quality. It is easier to clean as well.

Epi Leather

This luxurious leather is utilized to make products for everyday use. It is very stylish with an iconic shape. It was first introduced in the 1920s, but it is still known to be a primary element of elegant Louis Vuitton bags and wallets.

Monogram Vernis

Made of calfskin, this material is given a finish that gives a shiny look. It is named after its dazzling looks. The lustrous looks of it in daylight make it very pleasing to the eye and appeal to both men and women.

Are Louis Vuitton Wallets Worth It
Are Louis Vuitton Wallets Worth It


Its price is a significant factor in determining whether to go for a Louis Vuitton wallet. The cheapest ones start above $200, and the average wallet price ranges from $450-550.

The wallets are indeed pricey, but many factors justify these prices.

  • Better to buy nice than twice. These wallets are designed and crafted using the best quality materials. Stitched and sewn with perfection, these wallets are meant to last for a long time.
  • The company manufactures these wallets in France and doesn’t outsource the production to other countries. This keeps the quality premium.
  • Louis Vuitton is among the top and most respected luxury fashion brands globally. The resale price of its products and accessories is also very high.

Conclusion on Are Louis Vuitton Wallets Worth It?

Louis Vuitton makes every wallet and handbag with the highest quality leather. Stitching, embossing, designing, and printing are done in a very artistic manner to give the product its elegance and durability.

In my opinion, a genuine Louis Vuitton wallet is an investment and, of course, worth the price.


How do I check my Louis Vuitton serial number?

The Louis Vuitton serial number can be found on the leather tab stitched on the lining of the bag. And the serial number would be embossed into the leather tab. It’s possible that the leather tab might be stitched with in the pocket.

What if my Louis Vuitton bag does not have a date code?

If you’re unable to find any date code in your Louis Vuitton bag, purse or wallet, it could be because of two reasons.
1: The item was manufactured before the year 1987.
2: The item is manufactured in or After the year 2021, It’s because the date code can vanish due to soft material.

Can you clean Louis Vuitton leather?

Yes, there are two ways of cleaning the leather of your Louis Vuitton wallet, bag or purse.
1: By using Baby Wipes.
2: By using Magic eraser.

The recommended cleaning method is through Baby Wipes as the Magic erasers can possibly damage the old leather.

Can Louis Vuitton leather get wet?

No, Louis Vuitton wallets are waterproof and fireproof.

Do all Louis Vuitton have numbers?

Louis Vuitton Handbags are limited edition pieces and do not have serial numbers, instead they have “date codes” stamped with in the bag.

Do Louis Vuitton wallets come with dust bags?

Yes, All authetic Louis Vuitton wallets have dust bags. The bag has a soft tan color and comes with a prominent LV logo in the middle of it. The bag is pretty simple in design, however the quality of it very good.

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