15 Best Metallic Wallets for Men | Stylish, Durable, and Minimalist

Metallic wallets have stolen the limelight due to their minimalist design and classy appearance. Now that people want to buy innovative products more than traditional ones, wallet companies are introducing new features in their metallic wallets by the day. 

This article will introduce you to the top 15 metallic wallets for men manufactured to date. Moreover, it also contains a simple buying guide for those people who have never shopped for metallic wallets before. Let’s start by listing the top 15 wallets first. 

The Ridge Slim Aluminum Metallic Wallets for Men

Metallic Wallets for Men

The terrific collection of aluminum metal wallets for men by The Ridge is unbeaten in class and quality. Their sleek design and elegant appearance are what charm the spectators. But there is more to it than just looks. 

These minimalist wallets are slim enough to fit into your top pocket and roomy enough to hold 12 cards. And even with 12 cards stored in its slots, this wallet will not stretch out. Moreover, it has an outside notch for pulling out a specific card quickly.

There is an integrated metal clip on the exterior for holding bills and paper. Other than that, this metal cardholder has an RFID BLOCKING feature. It protects your cards from even the most powerful chip readers.



  • It can hold 1-12 cards
  • Six color options are available
  • RFID blocking technology


  • A bit expensive

Buyer’s review of this product:

“Great produce, quality parts. Only downside is the user itself. If you have baseball mits for hands or limited dexterity- this isn’t the wallet for you. If you work for a living, and are required to carry several forms of ID along with state and federal licenses – this isn’t the wallet for you.
Otherwise, great product, little pricey but 🤷🏼‍♂️”

“I absolutely love my Ridge Wallet. Its sleek, its small and I no longer sit on my wallet which my doctor said was bad for my posture. Most importantly, it is DURABLE. My girlfriend purchased one of the cheap Chinese knockoffs for me for my birthday last year (thanks…) and it got loose over time and my cards kept falling out until it completely broke. I liked the concept but I wanted something that wouldnt break. This fit the bill and I would recommend it to anyone.”

Decadent Minimalist Men’s DM1 Aluminum Wallet

Metallic Wallets for Men

If you are looking for lightweight metallic wallets for men, Decadent Men’s DM1 Aluminum Wallet is a great option. This wallet has a titanium frame and weighs 12 grams only! It will feel like carrying just two quarters in your front pocket. 

The decadent wallet has a unique anodized surface finish. This anodized exterior keeps this wallet corrosion and abrasion-free. Moreover, there is no risk of fading or chalking of the color. There are a total of 3 color choices available: bronze, black and blue. 

When we talk about capacity, this metallic wallet can safely hold up to 4 IDs or cards in it. Therefore, it is ideal for men who keep a limited number of cards with them. 


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Can store cards on both sides
  • Anodized finish


  • Cannot hold cash
  • More expensive than other contenders

Gerber Gear 31-002521N GDC Money Clip Wallet

Metallic Wallets for Men

Gerber Gear is known to manufacture high-quality knives and cutting tools. The fact that they have their wallet line seems promising because of their outstanding reputation in the industry. 

Gerber Gear 31-002521N GDC is a minimalist metallic wallet that comes with an integrated stainless steel mini knife. You will find this knife quite helpful in doing everyday tasks. 

This wallet weighs 0.18 pounds, and it can hold five credit cards at a time. There is also a serrated thumb rest. It allows you a firm grip over the wallet. Additionally, there is a money clip for holding cash. 

All of its steel body is coated with titanium which makes this wallet rust-resistant. It is why this wallet has such a long lifespan.


  • It comes with a handy mini knife
  • Highly durable and rust-resistant
  • Thumb rest for better grip


  • No color choices are available

Buyer’s reviews of this product:

This is the first Gerber piece I’ve purchased, and I’ll definitely buy from them again.

Small. Feels high-quality. Knife is easy to deploy (i.e., if you place it correctly in your pocket and practice, you could hand the clip to a thief while removing the knife relatively covertly if you so choose.) Easily fits 5 cards and more bills. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that you just put your bills under your cards under the clip so it’s easy to put them all in: plastic doesn’t tear easily, paper does. It’s tight enough that it would rip bills if you just try to jam them in, but that gives it the strength to keep everything secure, too. Also, I have no problem pulling the knife out when it’s full. If you do, you’re putting too much into it, and will probably bend the metal quickly and make the clip useless soon anyway.”

“great product. do not buy if you carry more then 3 cards and 5 bills. it is made very well. it holds the bills and cards securely,but with too much in the clip ot will be hard to remove your cards and money. also if you put too much in it the knife will not come out.”

Fidelo Minimalist Wallets

Metallic Wallets for Men

Fidelo makes the best hybrid metallic wallets for men. The secret to their popularity is their innovative features. Fidelo gives you various options to customize your wallet. You can use just the aluminum wallet separately or with a leather case. You can also use the inner aluminum core just with the cash band.

The inner cardholder, as we mentioned, is made of lightweight aluminum. Its cover is made of leather with nylon lining. You can hold up to 7 cards and 10 bills in it. Plus, there are 10 color choices available. 

Luckily, the exterior and the inner casing are all designed with RFID-blocking technology. Thus, no thief will be able to hack or scan your debit cards. 

Due to its smooth pop-up feature, you can take any card out of the wallet without hassle. It is its premium metal quality that makes this feature possible. 


  • Customizable design
  • RFID technology
  • Many color choices are available
  • Ample space


  • Leather is not of high quality

Buyer’s reviews of this product:

“The design is great, the price is right and feels like a 5 star product.

– It isn’t overpriced like the Secrid or Ekster (non-GPS tracked) wallets
– Its not too thick or too thin IMO
– Has two pockets that can hold money or 3-4 cards and comes with a money band
– The trigger isn’t as stiff as cheaper ejector wallets such as ones by MyPanacea thus less force is needed
– The leather feels nice and sturdy
– The overall design is nice, the logo isn’t obnoxiously obvious and the trigger works exactly as advertised.”

HUMN Mini – Minimalist Aluminum Wallet

Metallic Wallets for Men

Assembled and imported from the USA, this HUMN Mini aluminum wallet reaches your doorstep with some fantastic features. 

Firstly, it is made of aircraft-grade aluminum plates. It is super lightweight, strong, and durable. Therefore, HUMN MINI is the best aluminum wallet you can find. Secondly, it is a vegan wallet that is designed using cruelty-free methods. Its leather lining is also animal-friendly. 

There are 8 color choices available that include beaming as well as low-profile colors. It makes this wallet a unisex product with color choices available for both men and women. 

The elastic strap on the wallet that helps you store your cards is flexible and customizable. The elastic strap stretches well and lets you keep dozens of cards in it. 


  • Lightweight and strong
  • RFID blocking technology
  • 8 choices are available
  • Plenty of space for cards and bills


  • The elastic band stretches over time
  • Too expensive

Buyer’s reviews of this product:

“Yes all the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, Love this wallet..!”

Sam Cook

“Amazing Wallet, stylish and durable..!”


Hayvenhurst Minimalist Metallic Wallets for Men

Metallic Wallets for Men

The metallic wallets for men by Hayvenhurst are the most basic and minimalist wallets you can find in the market. These wallets possess all the necessary features every primary metallic wallet must have. 

Hayvenhaurst wallets have a slim aluminum body for holding cards. They also have an integrated money clip. These can hold 1-12 cards at a time. Therefore, these are great choices in terms of storage. 

Like every other popular metallic wallet, these wallets have RFID-blocking features. These will protect you from cyber thieves. Even the most powerful chip readers will not be able to pass through its security system.  

Five color choices are available for you: obsidian, crimson, carbon fiber, iron, and patriot. The price is the same for all pieces. 


  • Minimalist design
  • Enough capacity to keep 12 cards
  • Affordable price
  • RFID blocking


  • Too many cards may seem to fit tightly

Buyer’s reviews of this product:

ROSSM Front Pocket Carbon Fiber Metal Wallets

Metallic Wallets for Men

Enjoy the traditional bifid style in this carbon fiber ROSSM metal wallet. This cardholder has a minimalist design with maximum capacity. It has 100% 3k carbon fiber construction. Thus, it is a super durable, strong, and sleek metal wallet. 

It has plenty of space to hold 12 of your credit cards and debit cards. After fitting in all the cards, you’ll still have some room to keep your bills. There is an outer band that keeps your money safe in a single place. 

Because it is a metal wallet, so of course, it has RFID-blocking technology. When you have your cards in this wallet, no person will have access to them. 

Unfortunately, there is only one color available in this design at the moment. 


  • It can fit a dozen cards in its inner compartment
  • RFID blocking feature protects from theft
  • Lightweight and durable due to high-quality carbon fiber material


  • ROSSM is not offering any color choices to its customers

Buyer’s reviews of this product:

ROCO Minimalist Aluminum Slim Wallet

Metallic Wallets for Men

Another excellent option that men can consider while shopping for metallic wallets is the ROCO minimalist wallet. This wallet is loved mainly for its stylish design and pretty colors. Currently available in gold and black, this wallet is inexpensive and proves to be a good investment. 

ROCO metallic wallets for men are made from supreme-quality aluminum. The leading case holds the cards, and the outer silicone band keeps the bills and cash. The silicon band is flexible enough to be stretched and used. 

If you carry a lot of cards around, this product is perfect for you because it can store up to 20 different cards in it. Despite all this ample space, this wallet is quite slim. 


  • Elegant design and sturdy construction
  • Made of lightweight aluminum
  • Silicon band for holding bills
  • A lot of space
  • RFID feature


  • The band gets loose over time

Buyer’s reviews of this product:

“I love this wallet. I was going to buy the Ridge but it’s 65$ so I figured I would try a less expensive one first.. and am glad I did because there is nothing wrong with this.

I have notices that over the course of ownership (a few weeks) the elsastic has become strethier so the cards are easier to take out. However I hope it doesn’t get too stretchy so that they start falling out.”


“I was not sure if I would like this wallet at first. Once I started using it, I found I loved it. It is sleek and keeps what you need handy. It won’t replace a bigger wallet when you need to carry everything. But when you only need to carry a couple cards and some ID, this works great.”

SECRID Cardprotector Wallet

Metallic Wallets for Men

Some metallic wallets for men have space only to store a limited number of cards. These come in handy when you want to keep your most important 3-4 cards secured in a single space. SECRID card protector wallet is one of them.

This wallet is designed to store 4-6 cards only. If you have embossed cards, no more than 4 of them will fit into this wallet. But if your cards are flat, you can fit at least 6 cards in this card protector wallet. 

Other than the minimalist and simple design, this cardholder is slim and ultra-lightweight. It is a perfect-sized wallet to be carried in front pockets. Moreover, its patented mechanism lets you easily remove the cards from the case. 

Let’s talk about its quality. The best-quality aluminum is used to manufacture these cards. This aluminum does not allow any bending, denting, or breaking of the case. Additionally, it protects your cards from digital theft. 


  • Simple design
  • Ideal for storing essential cards
  • It comes in 12 colors


  • A bit expensive

Buyer’s reviews of this product:

NEW-BRING Metal Key Holder and Money Clip Wallet

Metallic Wallets for Men

NEW-BRING has introduced a unique 2-in-1 metallic wallet that also happens to be a metal key holder. Made from strong aluminum and metal lining, this wallet has numerous innovative features. 

Firstly, this multifunctional wallet lets you keep your two keys safe on either side. You can close/open doors with these keys without even pulling them out. Other than that, there is a posterior band or money clip. You can keep your bills there. 

The cards and IDs go inside the wallet. These are protected by RFID-blocking features. Moreover, this wallet is highly durable. It’s because its outer construction is drop-resistant. 

Did we mention you get a one-year warranty on this product? So if you face any technical default, feel free to contact the seller. 


  • Separate key holders
  • Drop-resistant construction
  • One-year warranty


  • There is no central physical block on the inside for the keys

Buyer’s reviews of this product:

“Quality wallet for cheap price even though Isettled for this “New-Bring” version of the Liquid Wallet. I settled on this because The Ridge wallet I wanted was very expensive out of my budget range couldn’t justify that much cash on a wallet used to carry the cash lol.

Any ways back to the wallet. It has RFID blocking capabilities and nice hooks for keys and other misc items. Comes with an extra elastic band that I have not yet had to utilize and a small metal loop for attachment to lanyards or wallet chains. The elastic band stretches well but so far is holding it’s own against my heavy use of it I am three weeks in and it still is nice and tight around my bills. Great for people trying to cut down on what they carry. A+++. Would recommend and if needed would purchase again.”

“This is the best idea to put Wallet and key together. Very thankful for the wallet.”

Kenpal Metal Wallets for Men

Metallic Wallets for Men

Kenpal is a stainless steel wallet that is plated with solid aviation aluminum. Aviation aluminum keeps this wallet resistant to corrosion and UV damage. So one thing you know for sure is that this wallet has a long lifespan. 

The aluminum is then covered with cd raised grain, giving it a cool, shiny surface. Despite being elegant, this wallet is exceptionally functional too. It can hold more than ten cards and some bills as well. It is its external money clip that keeps the cash secured and safe. 

Additionally, this wallet has an RFID-blocking feature as well. You can keep as many cards in it as you want without worrying about cyber hacking. 


  • Resistant to corrosion and UV radiations
  • RFID blocking feature
  • It can hold 10+ cards in it
  • Shiny appearance due to CD Raised Grain


  • Sometimes, it scratches the cards when there are too many of them stuffed inside

Buyer’s reviews of this product:

“I ordered two of these stylish cardholder wallets and I must say the aluminum and color is awesome. My dad’s a 49er fan so I got him the red one. I love the fact you can store up to ten cards in this wallet. Me personally I didn’t have any trouble with the money clip, but when removing it please handle with care. Other than that I wish there was more of these on the market.”

-Sturdy (after five months, there’s no sign of any real damage)
-Holds as many cards as I need (4, with room for more)
-Holds as much cash as I usually like to carry (I’ve managed 8 bills thus far)
-It’s small enough that you shouldn’t be able to feel it in your pocket.

Ögon Designs – Stockholm V2 Aluminium Wallet

Metallic Wallets for Men

If you are looking for a unique style, you should buy Ögon Designs – Stockholm V2 Aluminium Wallet. This wallet does not have a metal case for sliding-in cards. Instead, it opens up like a book having different slots for different cards. 

One great thing about this style is that all the cards are fully visible to you. So next time you open your wallet, you will not have to waste minutes finding a specific card; it will be just right there in front of your eyes. 

This aluminum wallet has 10 slots in total. You can keep cards, receipts, banknotes, or money in them. This case then closes in a bifid fashion with a tiny lock on either side. 

Ögon Designs has a collection of 17 different colors for this aluminum wallet. It is a unisex wallet because all the available colors also suit women and girls.


  • A convenient and compact style that saves time
  • 10 slots for various small items
  • RFID blocking technology
  • Available in 17 unique colors


  • It does not have a slim construction. You won’t be able to carry it in your front pocket

Buyer’s reviews of this product:

“I have been using wallets like this for almost a decade and this wallet is the best and highest quality I have seen so far. I use to work as a welder and I always had problems of grinding dust destroying my cards and ID cards in a regular wallet. Also I had several cards get wiped out from high frequency shock similar to a EMP. This wallet is the first I’ve used with a silicone seal for waterproofing and keeping harmful dust and dirt out of while closed. This wallet fits nicely in my front pocket where sitting on one is a bad Idea. I will be buying more of this brand in the future!”

ARW Metal Money Clip Wallet

The next contender on our today’s list is ARW Metal Money Clip Wallet. Made from high-grade carbon fiber, this metal wallet is quite slim, sleek, and sturdy. Moreover, its simple exterior design gives it a fashionable look. 

The carbon fiber used in its construction is resistant to corrosion. Moreover, it makes the wallet durable and water-resistant. 

This wallet has one money clip and one elastic band. The money clip is used for holding money and bills, while the elastic band keeps the cards in place. 

The internal case is wide and spacious enough to hold 15 cards. Almost 5 folded bills can be kept in the money clip. However, you should not stretch the elastic band too much to create more space. It will result in its breakage or permanent lengthening. 


  • Made of high-quality material
  • RFID blocking
  • Enough room to hold 15 cards and 5 bills
  • Corrosion and water-resistant
  • You also get a screwdriver in the packaging


  • Becomes too tight after 6 cards

Buyer’s reviews of this product:

“I have been looking at a minimalist wallet for awhile now. I have never had one before and didnt know how I would like it. I looked at a certain name brand that lists at 135$ and I decided that design was the one I wanted to go with. However 135$ was alot to spend on something I didnt know if I would like. I watched plenty of reviews to see if this brand and others could compare to the “real” thing. A couple major issues I saw in videos, was that this one as well as others didnt have the beveled edges and were stiff when trying to put cards in. Beyond that they stated in videos that this one felt flimsy. Well I just recieved my ARW carbon fiber wallet today, and let me tell you, I cant believe how high quality this is for 16 dollars!!! It has the beveled edges to make placing cards in easy, and it is NOT stiff, the cards slide in and out no problem. The money clip is very stiff, and I have no fear of the cash falling out. And when holding it, it feels VERY solid, elastic, carbon fiber, and everything else. I HIGHLY recomend saving yourself some hard earned cash and buy this wallet.”


“First it’s a great wallet. Second it’s light in weight. Third I love the fact that it protects my cards from electronic theft.
Currently I have 10 cards in it which includes 2 ID’s and the rest various bankcards and store cards. I bought it based on information from a cell phone store clerk that educated me on how easy it was for someone to get all the information off of my cards electronically by just walking by me. He showed me the brand he had which was ARW. I went on Amazon read the reviews and even though there were some negative complaints which I must say were ridiculous because they were all the reasons why you would buy this product. I purchased it and I am thoroughly pleased with my purchase. Yes it’s tight (keeps your cards in place and your money). Yes it’s not bulky and yes it takes some getting used to but guess what it does it’s job and I love it.”

Martrams Stainless Steel Money Clip Wallet

Metallic Wallets for Men

Another minimalist yet classy metal wallet for men is by Martrams. This wallet is also made of stainless steel core and plated aviation aluminum. Both these materials make it super lightweight, strong, and durable. 

If you are often worried about RFID scanners, you need not worry anymore. This wallet completely blocks any scanners from reaching your credit cards or debit cards. Therefore, it is a great accessory for storing important cards. 

Despite being one of the slimmest wallets, Martrams Stainless Steel Money Clip wallet can hold 12 cards. 

Do you remember what the common problem with metal wallets having elastic bands was? Their elastic bands become loose over time, and the wallet loses its value. But this isn’t true in the case of Martrams Wallet. This wallet comes with an elastic band in its package. So if one band loosens, you can easily replace it with the new one. 

Moreover, you also get a screwdriver and 5 spare screws with this wallet. 


  • Made of aviation aluminum
  • It can hold up to 12 cards
  • Come with a spare band
  • Has a money clip for keeping bills


  • There are no color choices available

Buyer’s reviews of this product:

“I bought this for my husband and he loves it!
It fit his 9 cards easily with cash comes with replacemt band and a little screwdriver to replace elastic band and great packaging for gift giving. High quality and would definitely recommend”


“I really like this wallet, great price, love it in stainless. Small but heavy in a good way. I’ve been using an alligator credit card holder for years , it’s tiny, and this wallet is substantially smaller, feels premium, and I like that it comes with a cash strap and an extra cash strap not a stupid money clip, holds 4 cards and a 1000 dollars cash , no problem ,23 bills in the pic , room for more”

Leopard Card Holder Case (001)

Metallic Wallets for Men

If you liked the foldable metal wallet mentioned before, here is another similar option for you. Leopard Card Holder Case is an elegantly designed metal wallet that can be folded and closed with a button. 

Instead of stuffing your cards, you put them in separate slots in this cardholder. It saves your cards from being scratched and damaged. 

This wallet can hold up to 7-8 cards in it easily. Because there is no money clip, you have to keep your bills in card slots as well. Moreover, this case is also equipped with RFID-blocking technology. 

The quality and features of this cardholder are so exceptional that you won’t have a single complaint. That’s the seller’s guarantee. But if you do, you can ask for your money back within 60 days from the seller.  


  • Easy organization of the cards
  • Equipped with RFID technology
  • Easy lock and unlock button


  • The color is too light, so it gets dirty quickly

Buyer’s reviews of this product:

” I love the case, and this is why I purchased it. It protects a small number of cards against bending forces and fits well in my front or back pocket. I keep up to six cards in mine along with a few bills. That’s about all it can hold and still have the clasp remain shut. But it’s all that I really need to carry and my cards are no longer bending and cracking.”

How to Choose the Best Metallic Wallets for Men? 

If you are going to buy a metallic wallet for the first time, you need to know that you should consider certain factors. 

These will help you highlight the best wallet for yourself among hundreds of different choices. So, let’s read about those factors. 

Security Features

Almost all metallic wallets for men have RFID-blocking technology in their systems. Still, you have to make sure that the wallet you are buying will protect your cards against hackers or not. 

RFID blocking technology is a feature that prevents any thieves or hackers from stealing sensitive information from your cards and IDs. 


If you used to carry every card you possess, you must look for a spacious wallet that has a large capacity. Many metallic wallets allow 12-20 cards to fit into them. 

However, if you carry just the important cards with you, buy a minimalist, slim wallet with limited space. 


Some wallets have money clips; some have elastic bands, while some have both. Some wallets just have an external frame to support the cards, while others come with outer cases. 

Some wallets have a pop-up style for cards, while others are bifold-type with card slots and a small lock. To sum up, not all metal wallets have the same design and style. It is up to you to choose one for yourself. 

Wondering are metal wallets good?

Let’s talk about it. Metal wallets have gained quite a bit of popularity lately and for good reason. They offer some unique advantages compared to traditional wallets.

First off, metal wallets are known for their durability. They’re typically made from materials like aluminum or stainless steel, which can withstand a lot of wear and tear. So if you’re tired of constantly replacing worn-out leather wallets, a metal one might be a great option. Plus, they often come with a sleek and modern design that many people find appealing.

Another major benefit of metal wallets is their ability to protect your cards from RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) skimming. You see, some modern credit cards, passports, and IDs come with RFID chips that transmit your personal information wirelessly.

Unfortunately, this also means that tech-savvy criminals could potentially skim that information without even touching your cards. However, metal wallets act as a shield, blocking those radio waves and keeping your sensitive data safe and sound.

Now, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows with metal wallets. One drawback is that they tend to be on the bulkier side compared to their slim leather counterparts. If you’re used to carrying a minimalist wallet, transitioning to a metal one might take some getting used to.

Another point that’s worth noticing is that metal wallets can be a bit pricier than traditional wallets, partly due to the materials used and their durability. So if you’re on a tight budget, you might need to weigh the benefits against the cost.

So should you buy a metallic wallet?

Whether a metal wallet is good for you depends on your personal preferences and needs. If you value durability, security, and don’t mind a slightly bulkier wallet, then it might be a fantastic choice. Just make sure to consider your budget and whether the extra features are worth the investment. Happy wallet hunting!

Final Words.

Considering all the pros and cons, we believe The Ridge Aluminum Wallet and Decadent Minimalist Men’s DM1 Aluminum Wallet are the two best metallic wallets for men in 2021. Both are elegant in appearance, spacious in storage and secure against hacking risks. Moreover, both these metallic wallets are super slim and lightweight. 

However, these are pretty expensive as compared to the standard price. You can buy ROCO Minimalist Aluminum Slim Wallet if you are looking for a more affordable option. 


What are the benefits of a metal wallet?

Metal wallets have quite a few cool benefits. First off, they’re super durable, so they can withstand all the daily wear and tear without falling apart. Plus, they offer better protection for your cards and cash, shielding them from bending, water damage, or unwanted scanning. Another perk is that metal wallets are slim and compact, which means you can easily slip them into your pocket without feeling like you’re carrying a bulky brick. And let’s not forget the style factor!

How long do metal wallets last?

Metal wallets are built to stand the test of time, like that favorite pair of jeans you refuse to let go of. With their sturdy construction, they can keep your cards and cash secure for years on end. While it’s hard to give an exact lifespan, a well-made metal wallet should easily last you a good chunk of time

Can you bring a metal wallet on a plane?

Absolutely! So, the deal with metal wallets and airplanes is this: you can totally bring a metal wallet on a plane. Airline security typically allows metal wallets to be carried in your pocket or in your carry-on bag without any issues. The key thing to remember is that metal wallets don’t pose a security threat like knives or firearms, so you’re good to go!

Can you put cash in metal wallet?

You definitely can! Metal wallets, just like their leather or fabric counterparts, often come with pockets or slots to hold your bills. Plus, they add a cool and durable vibe to your everyday carry.

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