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Imagine exploring gadgets so cool, you realize you needed them all the time but didn’t know if they even existed.

Every man carries a wallet and most of the time their wallets are filled with useless things like old receipts, laundry bills, unnecessary cards, etc. Instead of keeping your wallet filled with useless things, you can use interesting and cool things to put in your wallet and fill up the extra space.

There are tons of awesome tools/ Gadgets available in the market that are built to make your life a bit easier, and they are custom designed for your wallet, so they easily fit in your purse without making it fat.

You carry your wallet almost everywhere, so it makes sense to keep some smart tools/Gadgets within your wallet that can come in handy wherever you need them. Plus, these smart Gadgets also make you look like an updated person.

When it comes to having cool items in a man’s wallet, or cute/funny things to put in your wallet, the following list covers them as well as things to put in a wallet for a gift.

Let’s dive in and explore some cool gadgets that are designed to make your life easier by simply carrying them in your wallet.

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Cool Things to Put in Your Wallet

1-Wallet Ninja- 18 in 1 Credit Card Sized Multitool

Wallet Ninja- 18 in 1 Credit Card Sized Multitool

We often find ourselves in situations where we need to open a bottle but can’t find a bottle opener. The Wallet Ninja is an outstanding tool that has a bottle opener along with several other tools.

It’s an awesome 18 in 1 tool designed like a credit card which makes it very easy to fit in your wallet. The Wallet Ninja is built with high-quality steel and comes with a lifetime warranty to never rust, bend, or dull, which makes this awesome multitasking tool even more cool and perfect.

Another thing that makes it more awesome is its decent look with a beautiful American flag design on it.

Besides using it as a bottle opener, it has 17 other uses as well. It can be used as a phone stand for whenever you want to watch youtube or Netflix on your phone. It can be used as a ruler for measurement, A Flathead screwdriver, an Eyeglass screwdriver, a Helk blot tightener for all the small repairing jobs in the house, and much more.

Another cool aspect of owning the Wallet Ninja 18 in 1 Credit Card Sized Multitool is that it’s a TSA-approved tool, which means you can travel in any country without worrying about leaving it behind at the airport.

If you are creating a list of Cool and amazing Things to Put in Your Wallet that might eventually end up in your wallet, Ninja 18 in 1 Credit Card should be in the number 1 spot.

Buyers’ review of the product:

This showed up in my feed as a suggested product, and I thought it looked like it could make a good gift, so I bought it for myself to see what it was like. I honestly have never used it in the 6 months I’ve had it, but I know that it will come in handy at some point, so it’s easy to keep in my wallet. I bought it for my Dad for Father’s Day, and he thought it was really cool. It was an easy gift, especially for a hard to buy for person.

Also, I fly a lot, and I’ve never had an issue with TSA for this. I’ve flown probably 20 or so flights with it, both international and domestic. I also don’t understand how TSA would be able to differentiate this from the other cards in your wallet. It probably gets screened as a credit card and you’re only having an issue if you take it out of your wallet and put it in a bin.

I bought this for my boyfriend who loves little gadgets like this! I struggle every year to get him different things for his birthday and this was arguably his favorite out of everything I got him this year! It fits right in your wallet and the best part about it is the box cutter! There’s always something to open around the house and this does the trick. 


Cool things to put in your wallet

We all have been there when we are searching for something in a dark place and wishing we had some light there. It could be finding cash in the back seat of the car, car keys when you lose them somewhere in the car, or just randomly walking on a dark road, a simple light bulb can make your life easier in all these situations.

If you are looking for awesome things to Put in Your Wallet, what’s better than having a beautiful and stylish light bulb?

A Creditcard light bulb is perfectly capable of brightening up your life and is an easy hack when it comes to finding stuff in dark places.

This awesome tool can easily fit in any type of wallet in the credit card slot and only lights up when you flip it open. It doesn’t provide an extreme amount of light, however, it provides just the perfect light that can help you find anything in the dark or make your presence visible while walking in a dark place.

It’s an awesome tool, easy to carry, and can be a lifesaver in any situation of emergency. It just makes sense to keep a decent light with you all the time, especially when you don’t want to waste the battery of your phone. Its sleek design and productivity make it a must-have tool in your wallet.

Buyers’ review of the product:

I love these little lights. They are great to gold in your hand. If you only want to see the ground you hold it with the bulb facing down. If you want it brighter just face it toward what you want to see. These are not for a lot of illumination, I would not want to read for long by one, but great for finding keyholes, getting up in a strange place at night and finding your way without waking everyone else, etc. They are lightweight and nearly indestructible. You can replace the battery when you need to. I gave them as gifts to all my students with, “You light up my life” as the tag line. No matter the color, they are great little lights.

3-Tile Slim Edition

Cool things to put in your wallet
Tile Slim Edition

When it comes to losing stuff every now and then, your wallet or phone is the last thing you’ll wish to lose. The amount of important and private data we have on both things is immense, and even the thought of losing or misplacing either of them is terrifying.

The easiest and cheapest solution to this problem is using Tile Slim. It’s an items locator/finder with a Bluetooth tracker, designed as a lightweight slim credit card so that it can be easily placed in your wallet.

After placing it in your wallet, you can track it with the help of your smartphone (By Installing the tile App). You can also ring the tile device if it’s in the Bluetooth range of 200ft.

You can also use it in the opposite way to locate your phone. Just press the button on the tile device, and it will make your phone ring even in silent mode.

Many users believe that even though it’s an extremely valuable device to locate your phone and wallet since it’s a tech device, it will run out of battery after some time, and in order to utilize it again, we would be required to charge it again and again, and the entire process will get frustrating.

However, this is not the case here. While designing this awesome device, its creators already solved this problem by installing a lifetime battery (3 years) in it.

This device is waterproof, solid, and designed to make your life more relaxed. Just slip it in your wallet, car, bag, etc, and always stay updated with their locations.

4-Wallet-Sized Hair Comp

Cool things to put in your wallet
Wallet-sized Hair Comb

For most people, their hair is one of the most important parts of their personality. If on point, they make you look good, give you confidence, good things happen, and your day just gets better!

Even though you can’t carry a full-sized comp or hairbrush with you all the time, you can make a small effort by purchasing a wallet-sized hair comb to make sure that your hair looks good all the time.

A Wallet-sized hair comb is a simple yet quite effective hack. It is slim, solid, and designed in the shape of a credit card, making it extremely easy to slide into your wallet.

A lot of people who don’t use hair wax or gel in their hair can understand how frustrating it can be. You leave your house with an awesome hairstyle, and a little bit of air ruins your perfect hair just a few minutes later, and now you don’t have any other option but to fix them with your fingers, and it’s just never the same.

A wallet-sized hair comp is a permanent solution for keeping your hair combed and making you look good all the time. You get 3 in a pack with different designs when you purchase them, so you can either keep replacing them after some time or give them to a friend.

Buyers’ review of the product:

An outstanding item to keep in the wallet. Since I’m a biker, I wear a helmet a lot which messes up my hair, and this small comp really helps me keep my hair in style.

5-Credit card-sized flash drive

Cool things to put in your wallet
Credit card-sized flash drive

Whether you are a student or an office worker, chances are you might already use a flash drive on a daily basis. But what’s better than having it right in your wallet all the time. A Credit Card-sized flash drive is probably one of the most valuable gadgets you can own to fill up some extra space in your wallet.

Another cool thing about this super useful flash drive is that since you can always keep it in your wallet, you can save extremely personal data in it if you have a family computer at home. 

Since it’s not a very common product, owning a gadget like this also makes you look smart and can make you a hit among your college friends and office colleagues.

Buyers’ review of the product:

Just received product today. I’m person never wrote review but for this service is amazing. They do exactly whatever card you ask for. So happy!!!

Jency Quan

for only like seven dollars I got a fully functioning 4 GB USB card that looks like a credit card. I had to upload my picture I want it on the front and back after ordering it by sending them a note and uploading my picture but that did work and I’m fully satisfied.

6-Spare card key storage

Cool things to put in your wallet
Spare card key storage

Almost everyone faces such situations when we forget our house keys inside and get trapped outside. Or even worse, when we lock ourselves outside of our car. It’s no one’s fault here, as our busy schedules often lead us to make some annoying mistakes.

However, you can stop getting caught in this frustrating situation by just purchasing a spare card key storage. It’s a simple hack but it can be extremely beneficial. 

Your wallet/purse is always with you no matter where you go, so having spare keys inside of it gives you ultimate freedom, and saves you from getting stuck outside of your house, car, or not being able to unlock your lockers, etc.

Simply slide your house, car, or any other important keys, (that you don’t want to lose at any cost), into the key storage card and just place them in your wallet.

It is recommended to use a key storage card, instead of just putting your keys in the wallet. The key store card will keep them secure, and in one place/section of your wallet; otherwise, they’ll be at a high risk of falling out of your wallet.

The Key Storage card is a simple concept but can be very beneficial at certain times and save you from a lot of frustrating situations.

Buyers’ review of the product:

There is no better way to really carry a key in your wallet than this. It is a thicker style plastic with some toughness to it as well as a bounce back to the spring in the holding area.

It has a natural spring setup for tension to hold the key and it works perfectly. Haven’t dropped or lost my key and it allows me to always have it with me. Pretty reliable and usable little gadget, I’d highly recommend it if this is what you need. Can carry 1 or 2 house keys or flat syle metal keys.

I am very impressed, especially in its simplicity. It is thin, sturdy, foolproof, the keys don’t fall out, yet are easy to remove when needed. I just received the delivery yesterday and by accident, washed the card w/ 2 keys through a heavy wash laundry cycle; the keys had not moved and no damage whatsoever, not even a scratch to the card. This is an invention so simple, effective and ingenious with nothing extraneous. I had to write a review right away. Thank you!

7-Compact portable phone charger

Cool things to put in your wallet
Compact portable phone charger

In this digital age, our smartphones are one of the most valuable gadgets that we need everywhere, and we all ran into situations where our phone battery is about to die.

Having a Low battery is an extremely annoying problem, it happens to all of us and sometimes can put us in very tricky situations, however, this problem can be dealt with by having a portable charger that you can carry all the time.

Maybe you are going to a music festival or at a party and want to record all the beautiful moments with your loved one, a smart portable charger can provide you with all the extra battery juice you need, so you can enjoy your time and capture every lovely moment without worrying about running out of battery.

Why this portable charger is so special? Most of portable chargers are very thick and heavy, hard to carry in a pocket, and let alone in the wallet. However, this wallet is specially designed to be carried in the wallet/purse.

It is an ultra-slim power bank with a thickness of only 6mm and a height of 1/4 inch. It’s a completely safe device with no risk of explosion or catching fire by getting heated up, and it comes with one year of warranty. Another cool aspect of the wallet/pocket power bank is that it can be used for charging both Android and IOS devices, so you can share it with your friends as well.

This slim device is a lifesaver, as it can provide you with enough battery to get through the day. It’s an awesome device, and it just makes sense to carry a smart, lightweight portable charger with you whenever you go out or while traveling.

Buyers’ review of the product:

This battery has a usa plug to charge up battery built in and 3 cables (mini usb, usb-c, Apple lightening). I had a broom stone before which was great, but did not have charger “plug” built in (needed separate mini usb cable). This one has a at least at fast at charging, has higher capacity, built in cables for most devices… I love it. I travel a lot normally and this battery is great to keep handy when no power ports are available. It’s about the same size as the large iphone, maybe a bit bigger, but not massive. It charges phone fast. I have an iPhone X. I would strongly recommend.

Great charger! Charges faster than a wall plug charger — who knew? It can take you from 10% to 30% in 15 minutes. Very convenient in that it plugs right into the wall to charge itself. I can get about 2.5 full charges off of one cycle. Beware it is the size of an iPhone itself and weighs just about the same, but I would think that’s why it performs so well. Very happy with the product and other friends who have used it have been equally amazed. The charge ports are good for my iPhone XR, and it also has the regular USB. Is NOT compatible with newer Samsung phones.


 8-Mini Notepads

Cool things to put in your wallet
Mini Notepads

Do you like writing or taking notes for different things instead of saving them on your phone? Well, you are not alone! Many people still prefer writing down stuff on dairy with their hands rather than making notes on their phones.

If you also enjoy writing, then these mini notepads are just perfect for you. You will receive a pack of 10 mini notepads produced of premium Pokka flex and stitched bindings.

In this digital age, where everyone takes notes on digital devices, writing down things on a diary has a unique feeling to it, it also brings back a lot of childhood memories of doing homework on notebooks.

These mini notepads are custom-designed for carrying in wallets. Being in the shape and size of credit cards, they fit really well in the card slot without making your wallet thick.

These notepads also come in handy when your phone battery dies and you have to exchange contact or any sort of information. It’s also a unique and cute way of giving your number to someone on a note.

If your wallet has some extra space in it, You should certainly try filling it up with these awesome mini notepads.

Buyers’ review of the product:

These fit perfectly in my wallet. I absolutely love using them for daily notes.

The size and paper format are just what I was looking for.

9-Portable Phone Stand

Cool things to put in your wallet
Portable Phone Stand

We all struggle to find something to lean our phone on something when we want to watch a video on our phone while sitting in the college cafeteria while doing lunch at our table, or while working in the kitchen, but the struggle never ends. We either quit trying out of frustration or even if somehow we manage to stick our phone somewhere, there is a constant struggle of adjusting it again and again and the danger of it slipping and falling on the ground. 

However, now you can get rid of this annoying problem by purchasing a portable phone stand. This tool is specifically designed to save you from all the annoying struggles you go through while trying to watch videos on your phone.

With this awesome tool, you can enjoy watching youtube videos or Netflix, you can browse through the internet, news, or video call someone without even holding the phone.

This stand is specifically designed to provide a 130 degrees angle to get the perfect view of the screen and enjoy our shows without worrying about adjusting it constantly.

What makes this portable phone stand so interesting is that it is only 2.2mm thick, which means it can easily fit inside a credit card slot in your wallet. And while it’s only 2.2mm thick, it is built with steel-reinforced plastic, which makes it very hard to bend or snap.

Another cool aspect of the portable phone stand is that not only does it works with mobile devices, but it is also compatible with all smartphones,  tablet, e-reader, or other portable devices. You don’t even have to remove your phone cover, it works just fine with the covers as well.

Long gone are the days when watching a video on your phone while multitasking was a struggle, now all you have to do is to pull out your portable phone stand and start enjoying your shows.

This portable phone stand can fit easily in your wallet, has great built quality, and can work with all sorts of devices; what more can we ask for?

Buyers’ review of the product:

If you’re looking to get a phone kickstand I highly recommend getting this one over the Spigen U100. This stand is slim enough to fit inside a wallet comfortably. Durable enough to survive in one without breaking too.


This product is beyond comprehension. Practically useful

10-Charge key lightning cable 

Cool things to put in your wallet
Charge key lightning cable

This charge key lightning cable is one of the smallest Apple lightning cables in the world.  If you are a high school/ college student or an office worker, you probably transfer data all the time.

Things get tricky when you need to transfer some data but currently don’t have any USB or data transfer wire. This tiny piece of tech can save your day.

This device can also be used to charge your phone. In these modern days, we need our phones powered on all the time, however, sometimes due to busy routines, we forget to charge our phone and the annoying low better msg pops up when we are expecting it the least.

The Chargekey lightning cable works as a charger as well and allows you to charge your phone via laptop or from any USB power adapter. It is such a tiny tool that it can easily fit in your wallet without taking up much space and can be of great use.

If you carry your laptop to your college or office, you don’t have to worry about your phone’s low battery again. You can simply replace your power bank or charging wire with this small device and make your life more simple.

Buyers’ review of the product:

A must-have item in your bag if you’re a college student..Love it!

Final Thoughts on Cool Things to Put in Your Wallet

There are tons of cool gadgets and devices available in the market for you to choose from. Instead of keeping old receipts, laundry bills, and unused cards, fill your wallet/purse with stuff that actually contributes to making your life less stressful and more relaxed.

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What can you put in a wallet?

Anyone can carry anything which they find important or have some value for them.
Here is my recommendation on what you should put in your wallet:
Your Driving Licence.
Your Insurance Card.
A Few Credit Cards.
A Credit card-sized Multi-tool.
A Credit card-shaped Light bulb.
A Credit card-shaped USB.
A slim portable Charger.
A spare card key Storage.

What should you never carry in your wallet?

To make sure that you don’t suffer from any financial loss while traveling, try not to carry these things in your wallet:
Numerous Gift Cards.
Numerous Credit Cards.
Numerous Debit Cards.
An unusual amount of Cash.
Social Security number.

How much money should you carry in your wallet?

The amount of cash that you should have in your wallet completely depends on your daily expenses and spending habits. However, for a normal person, $100 to $400 should be enough to carry in the wallet. Most of your money should be in a safe place, i.e your home or your bank account.

What do you put in a wallet as a gift?

When you give someone a wallet or purse, to make your gift even more memorable, you can put some money in it. The amount could be as small as $1. Putting some money in the wallet/purse indicates that you are sending best wishes and hopefully the wallet will never be empty.

Should I keep my debit card in my wallet?

keeping your debit card always in your wallet makes sense. If you run out of cash, you can easily rely on your debit card.

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