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“Less is more”, A phrase that sits perfectly as an answer on occasions when you get confused about the things to keep in your wallet. It’s quite common for men to open up their wallets now and then just to check what is making it so heavy and thick, and 90% of the time, the stuff that comes out of the wallet is junk!

A bunch of old recites, random business cards (that are certainly not of your interest), some extra payment cards, keys, coins, and then some cash!

And when you get rid of all the junk, you get your thin wallet with only the necessary stuff!


The answer is quite simple. Wallets are one of the most important accessories a man can carry. Its primal use is to keep the cash and coins in it, but since it’s carried everywhere, it gets filled with everything that we feel is important or interesting, at least for the moment. Fast forward a few weeks or months, and here we are with a fat wallet!

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Things to keep in your wallet

How do we stop this frustrating loop?

To make your life easy and your wallet more clean and organized, the first obvious step should be replacing your oversized wallet, which allows you to put unnecessary stuff in it, with a slim minimalist wallet that only holds important stuff like some cards and cash.

A slim minimalist wallet will keep you clean and organized and make you look like an updated person. It looks cool and amazing, can be easily carried in the hands, and fits perfectly in tight jeans or trousers.

There are tons of cool, slim minimalist wallets available in the market that looks great and are built with great material that feels premium when held in your hand.

Another way of keeping your old wallet slim is by maintaining it in a way that it doesn’t fill up with useless stuff. Confused about what you should or should not keep in your wallet? Here’s a list of things that you should definitely keep in your wallet/ purse so it looks thin and decent.


Even though credit or debit cards are used for most of the purchases you make, it’s essential to carry a bit of cash too. You never know when your cards get declined, or the card reader could be unavailable at some places. A bit of cash can always come in handy, for example, while tipping at a restaurant, making a quick purchase from a small shop, sparing change to someone, or when you don’t want to be stuck in the ATM lines. When you make a list of things to keep in your wallet, some cash should be in 1st position.

2-Your ID

Things to keep in your wallet

Your ID is probably one of the most essential cards you own, and yet a lot of people make the mistake of keeping it in their car or bag instead of their wallet/purse. In so many instances, your ID is required for identification, and without it, you just can’t proceed, for example, while making medical appointments or while driving. Your ID should always be in your wallet so that it can be used at any moment.

3-Credit Cards

Things to keep in your wallet

Everyone uses credit cards; it’s essential. However, it would be smart to carry an extra card along with your main one. You don’t want to feel embarrassed at a shop or a restaurant when your card gets declined. It could be because of some technical issue, but it can put you in an uncomfortable position, and a spare card can always save the day.

4-Debit Card

It would be wise to carry a debit card in your wallet all the time as they can be used for quick purchases, and also can be used at the ATMs, in case you run into a situation where you need cash. Having a Debit card in your wallet is just the right move.

5- Emergency contact info

Things to keep in your wallet

It may sound simple or even unnecessary, but I can assure you that it can be a lifesaver. Keeping a card in the wallet that has your name, number, and address can be extremely helpful in uncommon situations like misplacing your wallet. In such scenarios, an emergency contact card can become a way of connection between you and the person who found your wallet.

You can also add some backup contact information or the address of close friends, or relatives who can be contacted in the time of emergency.

6-Your Insurance card

Things to keep in your wallet

It just makes sense to always keep your medical and auto insurance cards in your wallet as they can be utilized at the time of any emergency. Leaving your insurance cards at home doesn’t seem a wise move.

Final Thoughts on Things to Keep in your wallet

What you shave have in your wallet varies from person to person. A lot of people still like to keep their or their beloved one’s photo in their wallet. Many people still prefer cash over cards, and some might have to carry extra cards which they use on a daily basis, for example, bus cards, student cards, discount cards, etc.

The things mentioned above should definitely be in your wallet besides whatever you like to carry. And whenever you put something in your wallet, just remember that it will end up making your wallet a bit more thick and unattractive.


What should I not keep in my wallet?

You definitely don’t want to keep your Social Security card, PIN numbers, or passwords in your wallet. Those are sensitive and valuable information that should be kept safe at home or memorized. Also, avoid carrying too many credit cards or a lot of cash, as it can attract unwanted attention and increase the risk of loss or theft.

What pocket should I keep my wallet in?

Most people tend to keep their wallets in their back pockets for easy access, but some prefer the front pocket for security reasons. Just go with whatever feels comfortable and convenient for you.

Is it good to keep coins in wallet?

It’s totally fine to keep coins in your wallet if that’s what works for you! It can come in handy when you need exact changes for small purchases or vending machines. Just be careful not to overload your wallet with too many coins, or you might end up with a heavy pocket situation!

Should we keep photo in wallet?

It’s totally up to you! Keeping a photo in your wallet can be a nice way to have a cherished memory or a loved one with you wherever you go. It can bring a smile to your face when you see it. But if you prefer a slim wallet or digital photos, that works too! Do what makes you happy!

How long should you keep a wallet?

There’s no set rule, but it’s a good idea to keep a wallet until it’s worn out or falls apart. If it’s still in good shape and serves its purpose, there’s no need to replace it. Just make sure it can hold all your essentials and fits your style!

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