15 best metal credit card wallets | Slim, Minimalist, and stylish

Why choose a bulky and old-fashioned leather bifold when many stylish and slim metal credit card wallets are available? A metal credit card wallet is not only incredibly lightweight to carry around but is also an elegant option to keep all your cards and bill notes organized. 

It can be overwhelming for someone to find the perfect metal credit cardholder with dozens of options available. To help you choose, here is a list of the 15 best metal credit card wallets you can buy for your daily use. These minimalist wallets will make an impression wherever you go. So, let’s read about their features and specifications. 

AKIELO Card Holder with Money Clip

Metal Credit Card Wallets

AKEILO metal credit card wallet is a minimalist wallet with many incredible features. It is a slim cardholder with the capacity to hold eight flat cards. But if you have embossed credit cards, it can hold up to 5 of them for you. There is also a metal clip on the backside. You can keep your bills in it. 

This aluminum wallet has a swift card ejector feature. So, it won’t take you long to take out your card safely from the wallet. For proper safety, it has an RFID-blocking feature. Therefore, no digital thief will be able to scan your cards from this wallet. 

Another great feature that this card wallet possesses is its corrosion-resistant material. Even with the toughest handling, its outer cover will not get damaged. Plus, it is super lightweight. 


  • Minimalist design and a slim body.
  •  It is available in 11 awesome colors.
  • RFID blocking feature keeps your digital information safe.
  • It has a corrosion-resistant body.


  • Expensive

Buyer’s review of this product:

“I love this wallet. I don’t often have a purse or bag on me, and this wallet is so easy to carry around and holds everything I need. One thing that surprised me was the lack of “slots” in the wallet itself. This actually turned out for the better because I have lots of laminated cards that wouldn’t necessarily fit in card slots. You can fit as many cards as you can stuff in there, really. I bought the pink one for myself and the black one for my boyfriend – and we both love it. Very durable and the money clip is very secure. The price was great for what we got and I definitely saved some bucks buying from Mosiyeef rather than the Instagram advertisements for identical products. I’d 100% recommend to anyone considering getting this wallet.”

Vicloon Metal Card Holder Wallet

Metal Credit Card Wallets

Everyone wants to replace their bulky wallets with slim cardholders. But buying a slim wallet does not mean compromising on the capacity. Vicloon has introduced its set of slimmest credit card wallets that have spacious interiors. Here are some of its excellent features. 

It is a stainless steel wallet having a sleek and slim design. There are 6 card slots to carry your most important IDs and cards. Plus, This minimalist wallet weighs 80 grams only. So, you can easily carry it in your front pocket as well. 

This wallet has the best technology to stop RFID scanning. For securing your cards into place, there is a metal clasp for tightening the closure button. 

Who wouldn’t want such a terrific product available at an affordable price? Moreover, there are five lovely color choices available for the customers. 


  • Easy closure due to a metal button.
  • RFID blocking technology.
  • It is available in 5 colors


  • The inner lining is not made of high-quality material.

Buyer’s review of this product:

“I used to use a couple of RFID blocking aluminium card holders. These were bulky and were continuously being replaced as either the hinges or the clasp would break. Eventually I decided to replace with one of these for the financial cards and driving licence, and an alternative for other cards. This holds all the cards I need as mentioned above, is smaller, easier to use and still RFID blocking. Really happy with it. Would purchase another without a second thought if needed.”

“☀️Yea this metal screening, card holding box is slim & easy to use, kept the right way up … there is no clip nor grip to stop the cards moving/falling if tipped upside down🦉… the case iz strong enough to carry in Your pocket … “

POWR Men’s Card Holder Wallet

Metal Credit Card Wallets

If you want extra protection for your credit cards, you should buy a POWR credit card wallet. It is a metal cardholder with a dual-layer RFID-blocking body. There is no way any thief will be able to break into your credit card information. 

Other than its excellent security, this wallet also has many other great features. It is a minimalist slim wallet that can hold 8 business cards or 5 credit cards. It also has an ejector system which will help you take out your cards swiftly. 

You can buy this metal credit card wallet in black and titanium colors. Moreover, there is also an option to buy a wallet with or without a metal clip. So if you always keep your bills with you in a wallet, you can buy a POWR cardholder with a metal clip. 


  • Dual-layered RFID blocking feature.
  • Available in both metal clip and non-metal clip designs.
  • Slim in design and lightweight.


  • The money clip has a loose grip.

Buyer’s review of this product:

“Outstanding quality and sleek design,love this wallet!”


“I know somebody who has this wallet and they threw it at my eye and permanently damaged my retina. Solid wallet though. Lol jk”

Enyoir Slim Credit Card Protector Wallet

Metal Credit Card Wallets

Enyoir credit card protector is an ideal choice for people who hate carrying bulky wallets. It is a slim aluminum wallet that you can carry in any of the shirt’s pockets. And because it weighs only 80g, you will not feel any weight while carrying it. 

Other than its lightweight and slim construction, this wallet has many great features. It has accordion-like card slots with high-quality PVC lining. Due to the PVC lining, this wallet is abrasion-resistant and super strong.  

You can fit 6 of your cards easily in this wallet. These can be your credit cards, driver’s license, medical cards, or any business card. Even with your embossed debit cards, this wallet will not bulge out like a traditional leather wallet. 


  • RFID blocking technology.
  • Super lightweight and strong.
  • PVC lining makes this wallet durable


  • There is only one color choice available.

Buyer’s review of this product:

“I’m a police officer and serve a large area of my community. A good portion of that area could be classified as middle/upper class. I’ve noticed that when I pull the metal card holder out of my pocket and write a case number on my business card, it makes me look more professional than writing something on a scrap of paper. It elevates the situation, and sometimes that is all someone is looking to achieve. And for those that are actual victims of crime and request follow-ups, they have all of my contact information.

The metal case is reliable, sturdy (I’ve tackled people while having it in my chest pocket), and it holds enough cards to get me through a few shifts. It’s a small detail, but it can be important. People remember a cop if he/she isn’t fumbling around for a card to jot information down and then present it.

It makes me feel more professional to have a crisp, clean business card than something that has been bent/stuffed into a chest pocket. People pick up on that difference. This particular card holder has worked for me.”

“I bought two of these cardholders — one silver and one black. Overall, they are very nice. The build quality is very solid. The silver has an all-metal design inside and out. The black, which is slightly more expensive has a really nice velvet interior that is soft to the touch.”

WOWLED Minimalist Men’s Wallet

Metal Credit Card Wallets

If you are looking for something long-lasting and more durable than other local products, you should consider buying a WOWLED minimalist men’s wallet. This metal credit card wallet is made of carbon fiber material. Thus it is super sturdy and durable. 

Despite its strong construction, this wallet is lightweight and slim. Plus, it can hold up to 12 cards. There is also a money clip and elastic band on the back for keeping your cash and bills. 

To ensure the safety of your credit card info, WOWLED has added RFID-blocking technology to its wallets. It prevents any person from scanning information from your cards. 

Moreover, you can also buy a pop-up cardholder with this metal wallet. It will help you keep your wallet extra safe and secure. 


  • It is made of sturdy material, carbon fiber; therefore it is durable.
  • RFID blocking feature.
  • It comes with a pop-up cardholder as well.


  • Cards are sometimes hard to remove.

Buyer’s review of this product:

“My wallet was getting too fat. My son showed me a minimalist card carrier and money clip. I bought this product and just started carrying it. It will take some getting used to. It’s tight but it needs to be so it is a struggle getting a card out. That being said I am very pleased with it.”


Ancocs Credit Card Holder

Metal Credit Card Wallets

If you loved the previous product but it seemed expensive, you can go for a more reasonable offer. Ancocs Credit Card Holder is just as similar to the WOWLED Men’s wallet but inexpensive than that. 

This credit card wallet is made of carbon fiber which is why it is strong and durable. This wallet is a lifetime purchase because it does not wear down even after years. Moreover, it has a minimalist design, so it is stylish to carry. 

Let’s talk about its capacity. This metal wallet can hold up to 15 cards, so you do not need to carry your bulky leather wallet anymore. This wallet will keep all your IDs and cards in a single place. 

The gift box that comes with this metal wallet on Amazon is a cherry on top. You can gift it to any of your family members or loved ones. Plus, you can choose from 5 amazing colors.


  • It is sturdy yet lightweight.
  • RFID blocking technology.
  • Ample capacity.
  • Comes with a gift box.
  • Affordable price


  • It can scratch other things in your pocket.


Buyer’s review of this product:

“I absolutely love my Wallet. Its sleek, its small and I no longer sit on my wallet which my doctor said was bad for my posture. Most importantly, it is DURABLE. My girlfriend purchased one of the cheap Chinese knockoffs for me for my birthday last year (thanks…) and it got loose over time and my cards kept falling out until it completely broke. I liked the concept but I wanted something that wouldnt break. This fit the bill and I would recommend it to anyone.”

Roco Minimalist Credit Card Wallet

Metal Credit Card Wallets

Roco metal credit card wallet is the best choice for those who want a minimalist aluminum wallet. It has an ultra-slim design made from high-grade aluminum. Due to its elegant design, you can fit this credit card holder in your rear or front pocket. 

Despite being the slimmest wallet, it allows you to keep 20 cards in it. All of these are then protected with the ultimate RFID blocking feature. This feature does not permit any theft by scanning your cards. 

This wallet also has a flexible elastic band on its backside. You can keep your money or bills in this band without worrying about losing them. Moreover, you can buy this wallet in gold or black color. Both these colors will surely turn heads. 


  • Ultra-slim construction
  • Plenty of card slots
  • RFID blocking technology


  • The elastic band stretches if you keep too many bills in it.

Buyer’s review of this product:

“Great product buy it!!! My husband loves it!”

“Been using this wallet for about a year now and I love it! It is ridged enough to keep my card safe and small enough that I forget it is even in my front pocket!

Super great quality

If I were to ever lose it I would buy another one!”

The Ridge Aluminum Metal Wallets For Men

Metal Credit Card Wallets

Do you know how The Ridge manufactures lifetime durable wallets? They make them with military-grade materials. This Aluminum wallet by The Ridge is also made up of strong and durable material. Therefore, this wallet will stay with you for a lifetime. 

Moreover, all of its material is anodized to increase its durability and finishing. 

This metal credit card wallet holds 1-12 of your cards to help you get rid of your old bulky wallet. All of these will also be safe from digital theft due to RFID-blocking technology. 

This anti-RFID metal wallet also has an integrated money clip. It comes in handy when you want to keep your bills and cards in a single place. Additionally, its screws and elastic are interchangeable. 


  • It is made of high-quality material.
  • RFID blocking technology.
  • Anodized plates for increased durability.
  • It includes an integrated money clip


  • The money clip can break off easily.

Buyer’s review of this product:

“I was not sure if I would like this wallet at first. Once I started using it, I found I loved it. It is sleek and keeps what you need handy. It won’t replace a bigger wallet when you need to carry everything. But when you only need to carry a couple cards and some ID, this works great.”

“I love this wallet. I was going to buy the Ridge but it’s 65$ so I figured I would try a less expensive one first.. and am glad I did because there is nothing wrong with this.

I have notices that over the course of ownership (a few weeks) the elsastic has become strethier so the cards are easier to take out. However I hope it doesn’t get too stretchy so that they start falling out.”


SECRID Cardprotector Wallet

Metal Credit Card Wallets

SECRID card protector wallet is a perfect option for those who carry a limited number of cards with them. This incredibly slim and elegant wallet can hold up to 6 flat and 4 embossed cards. 

The wide-color collection of SECRID metallic credit card wallets is what we love the most. These wallets are available in 12 elegant colors. All of which are specific to men. 

Moreover, this wallet has RFID-blocking technology to block chip scanners. With this card protector, you will never lose your valuable information to a digital thief. Other than that, this wallet has an aluminum casting to prevent any bending or breaking, making this wallet long-lasting. 

Another great feature that we want to mention of this wallet is its ejector system. With just one swift movement, you can take out all of your cards in less than a second. 


  • Slim and minimalistic design.
  • RFID blocking technology
  • Aluminum casting for durability.
  • Available in 12 colors


  • It cannot hold too many cards.

Buyer’s review of this product:

“SO easy to find in the black hole of a woman’s pocketbook – the gold color just shines – plus very light, even with 4 or 5 credit cards inside. Bought my first one on a cruise ship last year, so glad to be able another one on Amazon. Well worth the money.”

Eastnights Credit Card Holder

Metal Credit Card Wallets

If you prefer a folding design, you should check out this amazing Eastnights credit cardholder. It is a stainless steel wallet with a folding design. Inside it, there are 5 credit card slots. If you want to keep flat business cards inside it, it will keep more than 7 of them for you. 

Because this wallet is made of stainless steel, it is more sturdy than plastic or aluminum. Therefore, it is comparatively more durable. It is so small in size that it fits in your hand. You can also keep it in your top pocket.

All of its card slots are equipped with anti-RFID technology. These block any chip scanner from reading your cards. This anti-theft technology and other excellent features make it one of the best metal or metallic credit card wallets you can buy. 

If we talk about variety, there are 10 color choices available. Some colors are best for men while others are better suited for women, whichever you want.


  • It is made of high-quality stainless steel.
  • RFID blocking feature.
  • Available in 10 colors.
  • Folding design keeps everything safe.


  • It feels bulky when full.

Buyer’s review of this product:

“I purchased 2. One silver, one gold. I needed a better organized card wallet system, this seemed like a good option. Each one only holds 6 cards. I put the cards and ID that use the most in the gold, the silver holds the less used items. They open easily and the cards pull out easily. Says that it is RFID which supposed to protect you from electronic theft… not sure if that works – but I hope so. They are small and tuck into my really small handbag without a struggle which was the purpose – a good replacement for my jumbo tension clip! Having said that, I never hesitate to update my reviews should new info seem useful.”


NEW-BRING Metal Credit Card Wallet 

Metal Credit Card Wallets

Next up, we have this minimalistic metal credit card wallet by NEW-BRING. Loaded with features, this wallet is a favorite of many. Apart from being a credit card holder, this wallet is also a metal key holder. You can keep 4-6 keys in it on either side. 

Moreover, it can also be used as a key opener and U-disk. You can also keep your cash fastened in its elastic band. There are 8 card slots in this multifunctional wallet.

This cardholder is made of aluminum and tops the list of lightweight wallets. Aluminum is a military-use aviation type. This sturdy material makes this wallet drop-resistant. Plus, the manufacturer guarantees this wallet’s quality for one year. 


  • It is made of military-use aviation aluminum.
  • RFID blocking technology.
  • It is a multifunctional credit cardholder.
  • It is available in 3 colors.


  • It feels bulky after putting keys in it

Buyer’s review of this product:

“Fantastic wallet; fits 7 cards just fine plus a few folded bills. Holds short items well, like keys and small tools. Material and build are solid. Looks and feels sleek and of high quality.”


Duramont Aluminum Wallet Credit Card Holder

Metal Credit Card Wallets

Another aluminum wallet that has a beautiful design is Duramont Aluminum Wallet Credit Card Holder. This wallet has a snap closure, and you can keep your banknotes and cards safe in it. 

This wallet has two different compartments for keeping cash and cards. One has a money clip for securing your bills, while the other has an elastic band for your cards. You can keep 12 bills and 10 cards in these compartments. 

Moreover, this wallet has a rugged design with RFID protection. It does not allow any chips or hacking devices to crack the cards inside. The one-touch button on the outside lets you open the wallet with minimum effort. 


  • Separate compartments for cash and cards keep the wallet organized.
  • It is made of high-end strength grade aluminium. Thus, it is durable.
  • Anti-RFID technology keeps hackers away.


  • There are no color options available.

Buyer’s review of this product:

“Well it’s been a few months now I’m sitting on this thing, dropping it and using it everyday; that I have to say it does its job well although it’s beginning to get a little smashed. The only thing you need to be careful of is that you can pinch your fingers when you close it. Then again what should I expect.”

“I got the duramount aluminum wallet for my brother as a Christmas gift last year. He says that he loves it. He even uses it till this very day. I am glad that he is satisfied with this gift. I am also glad that I got him a gift that he loves. Thank you very much.”

TRU VIRTU Papers & Cards Silk

Metal Credit Card Wallets

Another great wallet with a two-compartment system that you can buy on Amazon is TRU VIRTU Papers & Cards Silk. 

As the name suggests, this wallet has two separate compartments for keeping business papers and cards. Both of those are kept safe by the snap closure of this metal wallet. This way, your papers and cards do not mix up and stay organized. 

The bills compartment is used for keeping cash or papers, and the other compartment has ample space for holding five credit cards. Both these sections are then secured by anti-RFID technology. This feature keeps all of the internal digital data safe from hackers. 

The exterior has a simple design of just silver-finished and a logo. You can also get this wallet in plain black color. Moreover, it has a silk lining which gives this wallet a luxurious feel. 


  • Two-compartment system.
  • RFID blocking feature.
  • Simple and elegant design


  • It is a bit costly

Buyer’s review of this product:

“Loved it …! Bought it for a friend as well for the birthday”


“I wanted an RFID wallet that could hold 10 credit cards. This wallet was advertised as such and it indeed was capable. I really liked this wallet. It is attractive, made of aluminum, RFID and comfortable in my pocket”

Ögon Designs – Stockholm V2 Aluminium Wallet

Metal Credit Card Wallets

Ögon Designs makes the coolest wallets with many incredible features. The Stockholm V2 aluminum wallet by them is truly a masterpiece. This wallet can hold up to 10 cards and banknotes. 

The cool design on the exterior is what makes everyone fall in love with this wallet. If you are a fan of Paiheme’s work, this wallet is a perfect option for you. 

It has all the essential features of a metal credit card wallet. There is anti-RFID blocking technology and a metal lock for better closure. Plus, this wallet is water-resistant. Even if you go swimming with this wallet in your pocket, your cards and bills will not get wet. 

Due to its aluminum construction, this wallet is super lightweight and compact. You can also carry it in the top pocket of your shirt. Additionally, there are 15 incredible design options for you.


  • Water-resistant feature
  • RFID blocking technology
  • Lightweight construction
  • Fifteen cool designs and colors are available


  • It is larger than expected

Buyer’s review of this product:

“I love this wallet style, but kept breaking them. Finally decided to take the leap and buy a expensive one. After you get past the sticker shock, you grow to love it.

I am tough on these wallets… I hope they honor the lifetime warranty when I finally break this thing.”

Walter Wallet True Blue

Metal Credit Card Wallets

The last contender on our list, Walter Wallet True Blue, is second to none in quality or features. It is a minimalistic and slum credit card holder with a stack and slide closure. Although it is made of plastic, it is durable and super sturdy. Therefore, it is worth the purchase. 

Imported from the Netherlands, this credit card wallet is made of high-quality material. It is lightweight and quite affordable. 

This wallet has space for seven cards and banknotes. Moreover, you can quickly remove the front cards with just a finger from the bottom. To gain benefit from this feature, you should keep your frequently used card on the top. 

Another thing we loved about this wallet was its leather lining. It gives a soft feel to the interior and increases its durability. Despite the luxury leather lining, this wallet comes at a reasonable price.  


  • Affordable option
  • Leather lining for a soft feel
  • Stack and Slide closure for easy access.


  • Not as durable as other contenders

Buyer’s review of this product:

“Outstanding Wallet…!”

john dee

How to Choose the Best Metal Credit Card Wallet?

Look for these features if you want to buy the best metal credit card wallet. 

RFID Technology

It is possible to track or scan your personal information from credit cards or debit cards. If you carry your cards in your pockets, some hackers may hack your cards and steal your money. To prevent this digital theft, many metal credit card wallets have RFID-blocking features. These do not allow radio frequency identification of these cards. Therefore, you should always buy anti-RFID wallets. 


Metal wallets either have a stack and slide design or snap closure. Stack and slide design allows easy and fast access. However, the second type of cardholder is more secure and does not let your stuff fall. Now it is your choice which design or closure type you prefer. 


Do you carry all your business cards and IDs with you or just go with your most important credit cards? The capacity and size of the metal credit card wallet you buy depend on the number of cards you normally carry with you. Some wallets are small and compact, which allows you to carry only your most important cards. At the same time, some others are quite spacious to hold all of your small stuff.

Additional Features

Some credit card holders come with additional features such as water resistance, drop resistance, or abrasion-resistant. Such features increase the durability of the wallet. 

So, are metal credit card wallets good?

You’ve probably seen those sleek and shiny metal credit card wallets popping up everywhere these days. They look pretty fancy, don’t they? But are they actually any good? Well, let’s dive into it and find out!

First things first, metallic credit card wallets definitely have a cool factor going for them. They have this sleek and modern design that can make you feel like a secret agent every time you whip it out. Plus, they’re usually quite durable and can withstand the wear and tear of daily use. So if you’re someone who’s tired of flimsy wallets falling apart on you, a metal wallet might be a great option.

Another advantage of metal wallets is their ability to protect your cards. Most metal wallets feature RFID-blocking technology, which helps shield your cards from potential electronic theft. It adds a layer of security against hackers who try to scan and steal your card information. So, if you’re concerned about your personal data and want that extra peace of mind, a metal wallet can provide that added security.

However, metal wallets do have a couple of downsides worth considering. One of the main drawbacks is their weight. They tend to be heavier than traditional wallets made of leather or fabric.

If you’re used to carrying a slim and lightweight wallet, switching to a metal one might take some getting used to. Also, the metal exterior can be prone to scratches and scuffs, which may affect the overall appearance over time.

So metallic credit card wallets can be a solid choice for those seeking durability and added protection for their cards. They offer a sleek design, often include RFID-blocking technology, and are generally more robust than traditional wallets.

Just keep in mind the potential weight and scratch issues. So, if you’re ready to embrace the coolness factor and enjoy the added security, a metal wallet might be a stylish and practical accessory for you!

Final Words

AKIELO Card Holder with Money Clip is our top pick for the best metal credit cardholder. It is made from the best-quality Aircraft Grade 6061 Series Aluminium. Therefore, it is the slimmest, most lightweight, yet most sturdy metal wallet you can buy in 2023. Moreover, it has RFID protection and it is corrosion-resistant. However, it is a bit expensive compared to our other contenders. But believe us, its quality and incredible features are worth the price. 


Do I need a metal wallet?

A metal wallet isn’t a necessity, but it can offer some benefits depending on your preferences. Metal wallets are often more durable and provide better protection for your cards against bending or damage. They can also help prevent RFID skimming, where someone attempts to steal your card information remotely.

Are metal card wallets good?

Metal card wallets can be a stylish and sleek way to carry your cards. They’re usually compact and durable and provide excellent protection for your cards from bending or demagnetization. Plus, they can give you that satisfying “clink” sound when you open or close them, which is oddly satisfying.

How long do metal wallets last?

Metal wallets are built to be durable and withstand the test of time. On average, they can last for several years, if not longer, depending on the quality and maintenance. They’re designed to protect your cards, and cash from wear and tear, and the solid metal construction ensures they can handle everyday use and even some rough handling.

Do metal wallets block RFID?

Metal wallets can indeed block RFID signals. You see, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) uses electromagnetic fields to transfer data wirelessly. Now, metal acts as a shield against those signals, making it harder for RFID readers to communicate with the chips on your cards. So, if you’re worried about someone snooping on your cards’ info, a metal wallet can provide an extra layer of protection.

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