Types Of wallets For Men | 9 wallets and why you should have them

Wallets are prevalent and necessary accessories that we carry every day. They are a safe home for our valuable items like cash, credit cards, ID cards, and passports. The list isn’t confined to these items; other things, like tickets, vouchers, invoices, and so on, are all kept safe in our wallets.

Our needs and requirements also advance with our evolution in all the daily aspects of life. So keeping up with the changes in life, wallets have changed too. Wallets these days are evolved to be more sophisticated. They are more performance and designed-centered than ever.

The application of wallets isn’t just limited to holding onto our daily stuff. They are considered fashion statements as well. An accessory that describes our personality and taste. Having a nice-looking wallet compliments your style.

But for choosing a wallet, there is an array of forms and designs available in the market. This range is vast enough to overwhelm anyone selecting a wallet, but there is an option for everyone.

Here is our take on the wallets available, their functionality, reliability, build quality, and availability. This list of Types Of wallets For Men will help you sort the best ones for you.

Bifold wallet

Types Of wallets For Men
Types Of wallets For Men

As the name implies, the two sections that fold. It is the most common and widely used type of wallet. When someone mentions a wallet, chances are that you will habitually imagine a bifold.

It is the classic type of wallet. The banknotes fold once in a bifold. A bifold has only two sections; each section further offers various slots to keep your stuff like cards and receipts secure. Some bifold come with a dedicated coin pouch as well. A typical bifold has 6-8 slots for cards, but ln larger bifold wallets, this limit stretches up to 10 or even 12.

Some bi-folds are high-length, while the majority and common ones are short. Bifold used to be very thick and bulky in the beginning, but as the trend has moved towards slim and more petite wallets. Slim bifold wallets are attracting the majority of men these days, as a small wallet looks elegant and organized and is easier to carry and pull out when needed.

Who should buy a bi-fold?

Bifold is a wise choice for you if

  • You want to select from a ton of options and variations.
  • Need a wallet to carry a combination of contents, i.e., from banknotes to cards, coins, and receipts.
  • Love to stick with tradition and simplicity.

Trifold Wallet

Types Of wallets For Men

A trifold wallet is just a slightly different version of the bifold, as the name also describes this one. It has an extra section for keeping your valuables, but it still folds the cash notes the same as in the bifold.

Trifold is indeed a classic one as well, as it has been around since the 70s. Credit cards were just getting popular, and people needed extra space in their wallets, leading to the trifold bloom.

A considerable downside of a trifold wallet is its bulkiness. The compartments get folded inside, reducing the width to some extent, but the wallet becomes very thick with all the contents.

Trifold nowadays also seems outdated as simplicity is becoming increasingly integrated into fashion.

Who should buy a trifold?

Trifold is a reasonable option for you if:

  • Don’t have any issues with bulky wallets.
  • Require more than average space and slots in your wallet.

Money clips

Types Of wallets For Men
Types Of wallets For Men

Money clips are the simplest form of bifold. They lack any pockets or dedicated compartments for cash but feature a clip at the center to hold onto your money.

Besides that, they also have a few compartments for cards.

Money clips are very sleek and small, making them easy to carry. Money clips have been around for a very long time. The early origins of money clips trace their history back to ancient japan and Mesopotamian civilization. Traders used them to organize and carry papers they had to keep with them during trades.

When paper money became a thing and was circulated widely, money clips came in handy for everyone to keep the money organized and safe.

Who should buy a money clip wallet?

Money clip wallets are a wiser choice if

  • You carry cash majorly and fewer cards.
  • Require a wallet that offers better accessibility to cash.


Types Of wallets For Men

Fourth on the list is the cardholder wallet. These wallets are the best substitute for big wallets. They are built very thin and minimal. They are the size of a credit card.

There are slots for cards on each side and the middle section to host your paper money. Paper bills must be folded to fit in.

The thing I love the most about card holder is that their simple yet innovative-looking design always look decent.

Who should buy cardholders?

You must consider a cardholder wallet if

Cell phone wallets

Types Of wallets For Men
Types Of wallets For Men

The cellphone wallets came out just as a simple cellphone accessory, with the concept of a hard pocket attached to your cellphone back to keep your items temporarily. A couple of cards or some cash, mostly.

The application is about making access to money easier and eliminating the need to carry your regular wallet everywhere. Like when you go out to grab a drink, just fit your cash or card in your cellphone wallet or if you keep forgetting your workplace identity card, just keep it secure in the cellphone wallet.

A cellphone wallet further splits into two different categories.

Stick on

The stick on wallets directly sticks to your cellphone or cellphone cover with the application of some adhering gum-like substance. These wallets quickly became very popular. Even some of the cellphone wallets are designed to attach your iPhone via its mega safe point. Mega safe point is a localized magnetic point on the phone that lets you easily attach and detach these wallets.


The detachable version of the cellphone wallet has two parts. The anchor is primarily stuck to the device, and then the wallet itself attaches to the anchor. You can detach the wallet whenever you want.

These wallets are unique and designed with a sense of minimalism in mind. These wallets may seem to fall in the category of minimalist wallets or card holders, but now with their popularity and design, they are becoming a category of their own.

There is another unique variation of these cells phone-attaching wallets. This type is the phone case that also serves the purpose of a wallet very well.

The construction seems to match the traditional bifold. A part that flips over the screen, and another is the cover itself, which has all the slots and pockets for your cards and cash.

The downside of these wallets is that they are much more susceptible to being lost as they are detachable. Or, in the worst case, you lose your phone, and all other valuable items like credit cards are also lost with the phone.

Who should buy a cell phone wallet?

Cell phone wallets can be an excellent choice if

  • Require a secondary wallet
  • Don’t want to carry a regular wallet every time you go out.
  • Need an easy-to-access space for your stuff?

Box Wallet

Types Of wallets For Men

A box wallet is another unique variant of the card case. Typically built on the concept of card case but with a different style. The idea is to enclose the cards in a sturdy frame mostly made with durable materials like carbon fiber, aluminum, or titanium.

Many companies have brought out their innovative designs and variants in this niche of wallets, such as wallets with card ejectors, in which cards fan out of the box upon pressing, which makes it more fun and easier to access.

Who should buy a box wallet?

A box wallet is a must-have for you if

Combo wallet

Types Of wallets For Men
Types Of wallets For Men

This specialized wallet is targeted at the audience who is looking for a combination of qualities offered by different wallets in one wallet.

This wallet offers a combination of a money clip with either a bifold or a cardcase.

It eliminates all the limitations we have to face when using a cardcase or a typical-size bifold. The wallet is slim and features a money clip for better management of your cash which cardholders are less capable of. At the same time, bi-folds have a lot of room for cash but are less accessible as compared to a standard money clip wallet.

Who should buy a combo wallet?

  • Anyone who needs a small wallet but with good cash management features must consider a combo wallet.

Checkbook wallet

Types Of wallets For Men

While online banking and wire transfer are the effective methods for money transfer today, checkbooks remain an integral part of the business and finance world to this date. Often a check is the most viable option for us.

Checkbook wallets serve the sole purpose of saving your checkbook. Its construction is just similar to a bifold, except it’s much taller because of the dedicated sections for keeping your checkbook. Some wallets have pen holders as well.

But with the exponential growth in the trend of remote working and digital payments, the use of checkbooks and hence checkbook wallets has dropped. Making this type of wallet quite rare.

Who should buy a checkbook wallet?

Checkbook wallets are still a need for you if

  • Have to carry around a checkbook often.
  • A big wallet is not an issue for you.

Hipster wallets

Types Of wallets For Men
Types Of wallets For Men

The hipster wallets are your typical styled bifold but offer more room and numerous slots for your cards.

The durability offered by these vintage cow-boyish-styled wallets is worth a discussion. Mostly made of pure leather. But being quite old-fashioned, these wallets don’t get any significant attention compared to modern-day slim wallets. They used to be very popular back in the day but now seem to not be in the trend anymore.

Luckily, you can still find several options online where companies still sell these vintage-style wallets for those who want.

Who should buy a hipster wallet?

  • If you need a big wallet with many slots.
  • Love to stick with classic and traditional items; these wallets will attract you.

Material used

All the wallets mentioned above have a broad spectrum of materials used to make them. These materials and the crafting techniques majorly determine the build quality of a wallet.


Leather is the most traditional and widely used material used for making wallets. The malleable yet durable nature of leather makes it the priority when it comes to wallets. It is easier to craft in various styles, sizes, and shapes.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is another famous material nowadays for making wallets. It is popular for its strength and durability. Carbon fiber wallets can tolerate rough handling impressively. The featherweight of the carbon fiber wallet is also of good quality.


Metal wallets have gotten very popular lately. As minimal slim wallets are getting common, metals and alloys like aluminum, titanium, and steel are used as primary building materials.

Vegan wallets

Materials like Tyvek, wood, metal, recycled plastic, and pineapple tree leaves along with some chemicals, make a leather-like substance.

The vegetable-tanned wallets not only attract vegans but also non-vegans show interest in them. Their durability is achieved without risking the environment and recycling waste.

Wrapping up the discussion on the types of wallets For Men

All the types mentioned above have their distinct features, functionality, and style. You must assess your requirements and taste first to find the best one.

Identify the need of space you require for your daily use, like how much cash you usually carry. The number of card slots it must have. Do you need a coin pouch as well? You must know all the answers before buying a new one.

The second thing is the design. The ideal design matches your aesthetics. Some people can never get enough of plain leather wallets; others love the fancy brand logo on the soft canvas fabric.

Regardless of your likes and dislikes, a good wallet is always available for you out there.

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Is wallet a good gift?

A wallet is undoubtedly a very good gift. It’s not too big in size; there are all sorts of designs and styles available, and men can always appreciate a gift when it’s practical.

What are the different types of wallets called?

There are different types of wallets; some are listed below.
1: Bifold wallet.
2: Trifold wallet.
3: Money Clip.
4: Cardholders.
5: Cell phone wallets.
6: Box wallet.
7: Combo wallet.
8: Checkbook wallet.
9: Hipster wallet.

What is the most popular style men’s wallet?

The bifold wallets are and have always been the most popular among men. However, numerous new different minimal-style wallets have been trending lately.

How many wallets should a man have?

One wallet is enough to satisfy all your needs. You can choose the wallet you want according to your needs. The number of wallets a person keeps depends on his personal preference. Many people like to purchase wallets every now and then so they can switch them according to the event or occasion.

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