16 Best men’s zipper wallet | Minimalist and Classy Zipper Wallets

Many people avoid buying zipper wallets due to a common misconception. They believe that zipper wallets are not stylish and can hold only a limited number of things.

If you think the same, this article is especially for you. We are here to prove that zipper wallets can be as stylish and classy as wallets with no closure. Below listed are the 16 exquisite zipper wallets for men. Let’s start by reviewing the best men’s zipper wallet. 

Best men’s zipper wallet

Alpine Swiss Logan Zipper Bifold Wallet

best men's zipper wallet
Best men’s zipper wallet

Alpine Swiss zipper wallet is our top pick in this category. It is the best men’s zipper because of its durability and appearance. The Alpine Swiss metal logo present on the outer cover increases this wallet’s class. 

This wallet is the ideal option for men looking for the slimmest wallets. These wallets can also be carried in their front pockets. This Alpine Swiss wallet has a vintage leather exterior and inner lining of soft polyester. Its high-quality materials are the reason behind its long lifespan.

The RFID blocking feature makes this wallet a complete package. This Alpine Swiss wallet keeps your credit cards safe from being accessed by scammers. 

Moreover, this wallet has plenty of storage. There are 2 bill pockets, 9 slots for cards, 4 vertical pockets, and one ID card window. All in all, it’s an outstanding minimalist wallet with enough space.

  • ● RFID blocking technology
  • ● Long durability
  • ● Spacious interior.
  • ● Smaller than expected.

Buyer’s review of this product:

“For the longest time I had wanted a wallet that had a zipper, but also wasn’t huge. I also wanted a wallet that was going to be thin enough to fit in my pocket. Well, this wallet checks off all those things.

There are enough pockets to fit plenty of cards. There’s also hidden room if I need to fit things in there.

I love the single flap that can display for ID. Makes it much easier when you need to show your ID to someone without taking it out of your wallet.

Overall, this is a really nice wallet. It travels easily because it’s thin, but it also holds many cards and there’s a zipper so you never had to worry about something accidentally falling out.”

“Love this wallet. I had started using the zip around wallet many years ago, but it finally gave out. I was looking for a replacement and felt that it should have the RFID blocking but also wanted to continue to use the zip around style. I looked at many wallets in local stores and on Amazon. This wallet has all that is needed. There are plenty of slots- and I am not sure why others said they were not big enough, as I found that I could get several different size cards and other materials in the various slots. I even have two cards in some of the slots. It has 2 compartments to separate small and large bills, has the RFID blocking which seems to work at least at the store that I checked it, is a good quality product from a good product so it pretty much has it covered. “

Bellroy Folio Premium Leather Wallet

best men's zipper wallet

Bellroy Folio is another best men’s zipper wallet in the longer size category. This wallet has a snap closure with a full zip around it. This way, it keeps all the small things safe from falling. 

You can keep 10-14 cards, coins, and folded bills in this wallet. Other than that, you can also keep a smartphone in this slim wallet. There is also a magnetic closure to keep your things extra safe. 

This wallet also has RFID blocking technology, just like other top contenders. This technology makes sure no one accesses or hacks your card information. 

Moreover, this wallet comes with a 3-year long warranty from the manufacturer. 

  • ● It can hold more stuff than other mini wallets.
  • ● RFID blocking technology.
  • ● Slim design
  • ● It comes with a 3-year long warranty.
  • ● It may be bigger for some people.

Buyer’s review of this product:

“So I never realized how critical getting it right with pocket placement, zippers, snaps, texture, color and just about anything else you can imagine would be so important… Buying a few purses over the years from my wife I’ve learned a thing or two… So thankfully she really likes this one… Everything was just right the size was perfect the ceiling texture was rich and soft and of course all of the elements were in place to organize my wife cool is a stress organizer… Thank you!”

“Just a wonderful wallet all around. Top notch leather, plenty of room.”

DONWORD Men’s Zipper Wallet

best men's zipper wallet
Best men’s zipper wallet

If you are looking for a zipper wallet with extra slots and pockets, consider buying DONWORD Men’s Zipper Wallet. This leather wallet has 19 different pockets for your essentials and small stuff. 

This wallet amazes us with its high-quality material. It is made of sturdy cow leather that is wear-resistant. Moreover, there is a three-sided zipper closure. It has a matching pull tag on the side. 

Let’s talk about its multiple pockets. There are 13 card slots in the interior and 1 on the outside. There is also a cash pocket and coin pocket with a zipper closure. The additional pockets are the TF card slot and sim card slot. Plus, there is also an ID window. All these pockets will keep your essentials organized and safe.

This wallet is available in 5 different colors, all different shades of brown and black. 

  • ● All slots have RFID blocking features.
  • ● Multiple pockets.
  • ● Five shades are available.
  • ● Too many slots result in a much bulkier wallet.

Buyer’s review of this product:

“Took a chance as all the reviews were good and I am so picky about a wallet. I have bought over 10 in the last year or so couldn’t find that right one. Well I took a chance and this wallet I must say is awesome. Alot of room and the cards aren’t even hard to get out of the slots like a normal new wallet. The new wallet’s you can’t get the dang card’s out when its new. This wallet’s awesome as the cards come right out. I don’t have to bust my fingers to get them out. built tough stitched great and zipper is bigger and looks and feels excellent!!! Thank’s”

“So far so good. I actually had purchased a different brand and the zipper broke so well see how great this one holds up. I work in construction and sand dirt and everything was getting into my wallet scratching my debit/credit cards. Great for protection from construction workers and great for nothing falling out! Would never buy another open wallet again”

Admetus Men’s Genuine Leather Short Zip-around Wallet

best men's zipper wallet

Made from pure cowhide leather, Admetus Men’s Zip-around wallet is a masterpiece in itself. This premium-quality zipper wallet will prove to be a perfect purchase if you are looking to organize your business and traveling cards.  

It is another ideal wallet option for those who carry all of their cards and IDs with them. The different pockets are 9 card slots, 2 cash pockets, 1 ID window, 1 zipper pocket for coins, 1 TF and sim card slot, and 3 multifunctional card slots.

It is a 100% pure leather wallet, so you will have to take extra care of it. You should never wash it in a machine. You should wash it with your hands instead and wipe the marks with your fingers. 

  • ● RFID blocking technology.
  • ● Many card slots and bill pockets.
  • ● Made of high-quality material
  • ● It might feel bulky after filling all the slots.

Buyer’s review of this product:

“I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this wallet. It looks great and seems to be very durable, considering the cost. After a couple weeks I found that it is bending my cards/IDs, despite only every being stored in a backpack with no weight pressing on it. Unfortunately, I already threw away the packaging that it came in, so I don’t think I can return it. I don’t mind keeping my cards in one of the money flaps though, as this was a really inexpensive option in the first place.

– Proper leather that looks and feels high quality
– The leather smells wonderful, especially when opening it
– High quality zipper & leather zipper pull that doesn’t get in the way when stowing/retrieving the wallet from you bag/backpack
– I’m not aficionado of stitching quality, but I would deem this as high quality stitching
– Packaging was fun. The faux-gift box really was a great touch to the whole thing, creating a fun unboxing experience.”

Vaultskin NOTTING HILL Slim Zip Wallet

best men's zipper wallet
Best men’s zipper wallet

Most wallets are all about safety and protection, but if durability and quality are your priority, then Vaultskin Notting Hill Wallet is your best shot. Designed in Britain, this wallet is made of pure leather. Its high-quality material ensures its durability. 

It is a lightweight and slim wallet with numerous pockets to hold every last of your cards and bills. There is a retractable pull-strap near the front pocket. With this strap, you can pull out any of your cards in seconds. 

The high-end RFID blocking technology makes sure none of the personal information on your cards is exposed to hackers and cyber thieves. Moreover, the strong metal zipper on the outside keeps all your essentials secure. 

The four available color options for this Vaultskin Notting hill wallet are black, brown, alpine green, and cognac. 

  • ● Exceptional quality and functionality.
  • ● RFID blocking technology
  • ● Affordable price
  • ● Slim design
  • ● It can hold only a few coins.

Buyer’s review of this product:

“I’ve always preferred slim, thin wallets. Just the essentials. I’ve had some cramped ones and some expensive ones. And others that were decent in size and reasonable in price and quality. But I always felt that there was something more that I wanted in a wallet, without sacrificing quality or adding weight or bulk. This Vaultskin comes very close to satisfying that desire. The materials and workmanship are first class.”


“Probably the best wallet in the Market! Functionality, quality and perfect size!!! Comes with a Customer Service that is more than excellent! Thank you to Maria, their Social Media (fb) representative. I think will buy 2 or 3 more so I can die using the same wallet.
Forget about Bellroy, Undivided, Fossil, all those brand models lack functionality. This, instead, is the beauty in wallets.
I chose the green colour as is a bit different and I have no regret although I would like to order others so I can die using this wallet.
The secret pocket works well (look the pictures ) the strap pulls out the inner pocket, not the outer.”


MANBANG Italian Cowhide Leather Zipper Wallet

Best men’s zipper wallet

Representing you the chic design of MANBANG Italian Cowhide Leather zipper wallet. It is a bifold type wallet made of genuine cowhide leather. It has a soft polyester lining.

Make sure you never machine-wash this wallet. You should remove all the marks on the outer covering with a soft microfiber cloth. With time, the leather will become softer and shiner, which is its natural quality. 

There are 12 different slots for cards and sims and 2 long pockets for bills and papers. The RFID blocking technology is a plus feature in this wallet which is actually an anti-theft technology. 

You can choose from 5 terrific colors, which are shades of black and coffee. 

  • ● Anti-theft technology
  • ● Available in 5 vintage colors.
  • ● 12 different slots
  • ● Soft inner lining
  • ● The inner zipper pocket is too tight to open fully.

Buyer’s review of this product:

“Great product… Real beautiful smooth leather .. I arranged 5 credit cards & 3 debit cards , my ID , set of business cards , my 2 insurance cards , family photos and cash money .. Still i can fold it easily and pack it in my back pocket 😀
One of best purchases i made …”

“I needed a new wallet and dislike the minimalist styles that seem popular today.
This wallet is larger than any I’ve carried before, but still fits comfortably in a
front pocket.
I was wary of a zipper, but love it. I will see if it holds up – I’ve averaged about 10
years each for my wallets over too many decades.”


Boshiho Credit Card Holder Wallet

best men's zipper wallet

The best men’s zipper wallet for organizing numerous cards is the Boshiho Credit cardholder. You can keep up to 24 cards in this multi-card organizer. Other than that, there are separate pockets for keeping bills and ID cards. 

Boshiho card holder is made of pure leather, which is the best possible material for making wallets. It is because leather is durable.

Additionally, this credit card holder is equipped with RFID blocking feature. It will not let anyone scan or steal your personal information from the cards. 

Another thing we loved about the Boshiho wallet was its variety of colors. This wallet is available in blue, black, red, yellow, and coffee colors. Each color is as exquisite as another. 

  • ● Ideal option for holding multiple cards
  • ● Designed with the RFID blocking feature
  • ● Incredible structure for a firm grip
  • ● With so many cards inside, this wallet becomes bulky.

Buyer’s review of this product:

“Purchased as a present for my daughter, who absolutely loves it. She has many cards from grocery stores, children’s clothing stores, as well as her debit and credit cards. She was previously fumbling to find various cards and receipts and was vulnerable to losing some important receipt among the paper collection wallets seem to attract. Zipped up and closed, the wallet takes just a bit more space than her bulging wallet and keeps things organized. She would not trade back to her old wallet and is very pleased.”

“I love this wallet although a little bulky. I keep everything in it. I’ve been using it for quite sometime. I have my charge card and gift cards in it. So everything is together in one place.”

MaxGear Credit Card Wallet with Zipper

Best men’s zipper wallet

MaxGear is an accordion design wallet with multiple card slots. Therefore, it is more of a cardholder than a bill wallet. This wallet is also made of genuine leather, and thus it is super durable. 

The maximum capacity of this wallet is 10 cards and 1 ID card with some money in two of its bill pockets. All these are then secured with an outer zipper and RFID blocking technology. 

The size of this wallet is perfect to be carried in a pocket or handbag. It is available in 4 pretty colors, which are black, blue, purple, and pink. Therefore, it is also an excellent choice for ladies. 

Lastly, let us mention that you get a one-year warranty on the quality of this wallet.

  • ● Unique accordion design
  • ● RFID blocking technology
  • ● Ideal for men and women both.
  • ● The ID card slot is smaller than expected.

Buyer’s review of this product:

“I love this wallet. I was looking for something smaller to fit in my smaller sized purse and this is perfect. It fits all of my cards, money, and a few coins.”

“I got this wallet in the Redish-Pinkish color. I love the color! It leans more towards pink I would say. I thought a read a few negative reviews but I love this little credit card holder. It fits nicely in my smaller purse just perfectly. The windowed pocket, which I ‘m sure is meant for Drivers License or ID, your license does stick up and out of the pocket just a bit but it’s a tight fit. But I chose to put mine inside the wallet just to be safe. I put a picture in the window pocket on the outside instead. The zipper works great and it seems very well made- I sew, so I can tell it was well made. I would highly recommend this wallet and it has that RFID blocking for your credit cards so that was a plus too.”

Protectif Men’s Zipper Wallet 

best men's zipper wallet

Secure your credit cards and important business cards in this anti-theft zipper wallet and stay tension-free. Protectif is known to have the most effective RFID blocking feature incorporated in its wallets. Therefore, you can trust these wallets with your most valuable cards. 

This wallet is not only about protection and security. It is also an ideal option when it comes to looks and quality. This wallet is made of 100% pure leather, which is soft and shiny. The front side also has the Protectif logo embossed on it. 

There are 3 slots for cards on the front side and 1 ID card slot on the back. The middle zippered pocket is used for keeping bills, coins, and receipts. The color collection is also excellent. You can choose from 6 terrific color shades. 

  • ● There is plenty of space in the zipper pocket to keep cash and coins.
  • ● RFID blocking technology
  • ● Made of pure leather
  • ● The stitching could have been better.

Buyer’s review of this product:

“I use this wallet when I go out for a walk or a quick trip to get benzine or to the convenience store, when I wont be needing all of the stuff in my regular, larger wallet. I usually just need an ID, a single Credit Card and maybe a few pieces of currency.
One side has a clear plastic area that allows me to access my ID without having to remove it from my wallet. It is very easy for me to remove it if I am required to do so. It is nice and tight, so as to hold the ID securely, but not too tight, so I don’t have to tug and pull to remove the ID.
I also like the 3 slots on the obverse side that can hold 6 cards, (2 per slot). Again, they are just the right size to be secure but not an annoyance.
The zipper has a nice metal tag attached to make opening and closing a breeze. This is where I keep a few bills of currency and it gives me a place to put my receipts until I get back home and scan them.
Overall, I would recommend this wallet and give it a 5 star rating.”

“I love a front pocket wallet. The problem is some are too thick after adding your “stuff” you need. This wallet is well designed to carry cards and other personal things. Two important things for me is RFID protection and a good place for money ( paper bills ). Accessibility for all things needed, this one provides that still not too thick for front pocket. I’ve only had it about a week, but love it. Recommended!”

Kabana Metal Zip Around Wallet for Men

Best men’s zipper wallet

This imported leather wallet will amaze you with its quality. It is a trifold wallet made with genuine cowhide leather. The leather also gives this wallet a dashing look. Its inner lining is made of fabric cloth instead of leather. It gives the interior a softer touch.

There are multiple pockets on the inner side to keep all your stuff organized and secured. There is one ID card window and 8 card slots. There is also a pocket inside with a snap-on button for keeping your coins. There are two long pockets for keeping bills. 

The RFID blocking technology incorporated in this wallet saves you from electronic theft. You can keep any of your important cards in it without worrying about being robbed. 

  • ● Made from genuine cowhide leather.
  • ● The cash holder has a snap-on button.
  • ● Plenty of space for cash and coins.
  • ● The trifold design makes this wallet bulky.

Buyer’s review of this product:

“This is the best wallet I have ever found.
The wallet is double stitched and heavy duty zipper.
Lots of room for cards cash change and more with out bulking up.
It is made in Germany and the quality is top.”

“”Best wallet I ever had in my life,” says my 73 year old husband. This is the second wallet I bought in line. The first one had lots of room, but the zipper broke and the fake leather started to shred from use. It was hard to get in and out of his pocket. Sometimes I would have to help him get his wallet out of his pocket.

This new wallet has lots of room AND lots of extra pockets. The best part is that it has a super heavy duty zipper that compacts everything, so it slides in and out of his pocket easier.

Thanks. Btw the package arrived just as promised. FREE one day delivery😍”

Marcy’s Favorite Amazon Stuff

Hiodd Genuine Leather Men’s Zipper Wallet 

best men's zipper wallet

Made from the leather exterior and inner polyester lining, Hiodd Men’s Wallet is a premium quality product available at reasonable prices. This wallet is equally great for quality and storage. 

This wallet has two separate zipper pockets to keep bills and receipts. Moreover, there are 6+ cardholders and 1 ID card window. There is also an inner zipper wallet for keeping your coins. Other than the outer zipper, the credit card portion has a snap-on button for additional safety. 

This zipper wallet on amazon is available at jaw-dropping prices. Grab it in any one of the two classy colors. 

  • ● RFID blocking technology
  • ● Extra pocket for keeping cash, coins, or cards.
  • ● Durable metal zipper.
  • ● The exterior gets scratched or wrinkled easily.

Buyer’s review of this product:

“This wallet is good for holding lots of cards and it has several different options for holding cash. Gave one to a friend and he loves it. Says people have asked where he got it.”


Bullcaptain Men’s Zipper Wallet

Best men’s zipper wallet

If you hate unorganized wallets with stuffed essentials, you should buy a Bullcaptain Genuine Leather wallet. It is the best men’s zipper wallet for keeping your cards and cash organized. 

This incredible wallet has 12 card slots on the inner side, one external card holder, 2 cash pockets, and one ID window. The strong zipper keeps all the stuff inside secure and safe. 

This classy wallet is a perfect gift to give your father, husband, or grandfather. Plus, you can choose from 4 different colors. 

  • ● RFID blocking technology.
  • ● Multiple card slots.
  • ● Available in 4 men’s colors.
  • ● The card slots are smaller than expected.

Buyer’s review of this product:

“A wallet is a type of item that grows on you. Fortunately they last a long time, but when the time comes for replacing the old one it feels like parting with a dearly loved family member. I had low expectations when I ordered this wallet, but it’s actually a very good wallet. It is robustly made and has the RFID protection. It is not too thick or too big. It is the perfect size and easy to carry around in a pocket. The slots for credit cards are a little tight at first but with some use they become easier to slide cards in and out of. What usually goes wrong with zippered wallets are the zippers. The zipper on this one looks and feels like it will work reliably for a long time to come.”

“I have less and less reason to go into my wallet, since my phone is accepted as payment is many places and during the pandemic many more have come online, further reducing the need to open one’s wallet. Since the wallet remains
zipped shut most of the time, you don’t need to worry about items falling out.

A good purchase for me!”

Herschel Men’s Oscar Zipper Wallet

best men's zipper wallet

If you seek simplicity and need a basic design, Herschel Men’s Oscar Zipper Wallet is perfect for you. It is a simple wallet with a minimalist design. This imported wallet is a must-have for men who carry a limited number of essentials with them. 

This Herschel wallet has a larger zipper pocket for cash, receipts, and coins. There are three external slots for credit cards and other business cards. All these slots have a covering of RFID blocking technology. Therefore, these will not allow any scanning devices to reach your cards. 

There is a woven label of Herschel on the front side which increases the style factor of this zipper wallet. Due to its small size, you can also place it in your front pocket. 

Moreover, the pockets and slots of this wallet are equipped with RFID blocking features. Due to this technology, no hacker or thief can hack your digital information from cards.   

Did we mention this wallet is available in 20 different colors? Plus, all the colors are unique and exquisite. 

  • ● Simple design for carrying a limited number of stuff.
  • ● RFID blocking technology.
  • ● Available in 20 colors.
  • ● Maybe too small for some people.

Buyer’s review of this product:

“Going from a traditional bi fold wallet to this was an excellent decision.
It allowed me to purge junk that I didn’t need and only pack what was needed.
Also it fits way more items than expected”

“has been holding up after a months use. I like that i can keep both cash and money. love the materials feeling”

Big Skinny Men’s Zipfold Leather Wallet

best men's zipper wallet

Another cool and affordable choice for men’s zipper wallets is the Big Skinny Zip Fold wallet. This wallet is also made from 100% Genuine leather, and thus it is durable and strong. Moreover, it does not wrinkle or get scratched. 

This low-profile wallet has plenty of space inside to hold your bills and cards. There are 4 card slots, 1 billfold pocket, 1 clear window for an ID card, and 2 hidden pockets. You can keep your receipt or important papers in these pockets. 

One cool feature of this wallet is the rubbery coating of its pockets. All the card slots and hidden pockets have a rubbery coating on them. This coating prevents the cards from sliding out of the pocket. Therefore it keeps your cards safe. 

The inner lining is made of microfiber nylon. Therefore, this wallet is super lightweight. The interior is soft and durable as well. Due to nylon construction, this wallet is machine-washable. 

  • ● Low-profile design
  • ● Nylon inner lining increases its durability.
  • Made of 100% genuine leather.
  • ● No color choices are available.

Buyer’s review of this product:

“My second Big-Skinny wallet. I got the zippered wallet so I wouldn’t lose cards and such while pulling it out of my pocket, and while doing the same in a motorcycle riding suit at the gas pump. It is skinny, well-made, and works great.”

“Great wallet. Finding one that has a zipper is not easy.”

Victorinox Zip-Around Wallet

Best men’s zipper wallet

Victorinox is one of the most renowned brands for manufacturing unique and stylish products. Their Zip-Around Wallet is also a flawless product. Let us state some of its amazing features. 

This zipper wallet has dedicated slots for business cards, ID cards, credit cards, and pictures. There is also a satin micromesh pocket which is transparent. This pocket is perfect for an ID card or driver’s license. 

For bills and cash, there is a large bill pocket. This bill pocket is large enough to hold different-sized currencies. 

Instead of pure leather, nylon is used to manufacture this wallet. Therefore, this wallet is super lightweight. So if you prefer a lightweight product rather than a durable one, this wallet is for you. 

Other incredible features of this zipper wallet are RFID blocking technology, a sturdy outer zipper, and a cool metal Victorinox logo on the front. The only drawback of this wallet is that it comes only in one color. 

  • ● Optimum size
  • ● Separate slots for credit cards, driver’s licenses, and business cards.
  • ● RFID blocking technology.
  • ● Only one color choice is available.

Buyer’s review of this product:

“It’s the best wallet I ever bought, I work in construction and the wallet resist the sweat, dust, everything”

“Purchased for husband. He loves it. No issues with credit cards sliding out. Slim enough for his pockets.”

FurArt Credit Card Men’s Zipper Wallet

best men's zipper wallet

FurArt has the best men’s zipper wallet collection when it comes to color choices. There are 26+ colors available in the same design, which suits both men and women. 

This wallet is made of polyurethane. It is abrasion-resistant and wear-resistant. So you know that this wallet is super durable and long-lasting.  

With 16 card slots, you can organize your credit cards, library card, business cards, debit card, and ID cards. You can also keep your bills or receipts in the two-end pockets. 

FurArt has two RFID blocking layers on the sides. These layers protect the internal cards from unnoticed scans and hacks. Moreover, this wallet has a removable keychain on the side, so you do not forget your keys anymore. 

  • ● 20 different color options.
  • ● Wear-resistant covering.
  • ● RFID blocking technology.
  • ● It is not stretchable, and therefore, it is difficult to close when full.

Buyer’s review of this product:

“Love this wallet. It’s exactly what I was looking for and super cheap too. Good quality, sleek look, zipper included so nothing will fall out, has a minimal style and it’s easy to access what’s inside. Only qualm was how the clasp on the keychain felt loose and like it would maybe fall off, so I decided to put my house key in the inside sewn pocket.”

“I have had so many key chain wallets but they all tend to be heavy and bulky but not this one. When I received the wallet, it looked so tiny but that’s the best part about it. It is so roomy on the inside to hold a bunch of cards. If you’re like me, it will prevent you from sticking a lot of receipts in it. It seems to be made out of durable material so I’m a happy camper. :)”

How to Choose the Best Men’s Zipper Wallet? (The Ultimate Buying Guide)

Before you buy a zipper wallet for your everyday use, consider these important factors. 


Most zipper wallets are made of leather because leather is sturdier and more durable. The metal zip and leather construction are a perfect match for extra durability. 

Other than that, the leather exterior adds a classy statement to the wallet and gives it a vintage look. You can also purchase a nylon zipper wallet if you want a more lightweight option. 

Inner Compartments

Some men’s zipper wallets have just one main compartment. It is dedicated to cash and coins. However, some zipper wallets are more of a cardholder. These wallets have multiple card slots for keeping all of your cards organized and secure. 

You should consider if you want more bills space or card slots before buying a wallet.


Men’s zipper wallets are of three main types: bifold, trifold, and zip around. Each type has its own benefits and drawbacks. 

Bifold is a traditional design with just the right number of pockets, but it may be too small for some people. On the other hand, a trifold wallet has a much larger capacity to hold your stuff. But once you stuff your cards in it, it becomes bulky. 

The third wallet type is simple and basic with just zip around. It has only one main compartment to hold cash and sometimes 2-3 external card slots.

Such wallets are great for keeping your different-sized essentials. However, you will never be able to keep your small stuff organized. 

RFID Blocking Technology

No matter what type or design of wallet you buy, make sure it has an RFID blocking feature. This amazing technology prevents anyone from scanning your credit card or debit card information. 

Final verdict

Alpine Swiss Logan Zipper Bifold Wallet is the best men’s zipper wallet you can buy. This simple yet elegant wallet has a bifold design with enough slots to hold cards, bills, and ID photos. Some of its incredible features are RFID blocking technology, long durability, and spacious interior pockets. 

However, if you are looking for a larger wallet, Bellroy Folio Premium Leather Wallet is a perfect fit for you. Due to more space, this wallet with a zipper pocket can easily hold all of your cash, cards, and coins. 

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