Types of Wallets for Women | 8 best wallets + Complete guide

When you look around to treat yourself with a nice new wallet, it gets tricky with so many types of wallets for women out in the market. Every wallet is distinctive from others based on style, look, and performance.

But with the abundance of choices, there is the freedom to explore and choose from so many types of wallets.

A wallet for women serves multifunctions. A pure functional accessory to help you carry all your necessary stuff in an organized way every day or a fashion statement that also compliments your style and allows you to stand out in the crowd. A good-looking wallet with its beautiful design and colors can add points to your overall look and helps to impress your mates and colleagues.

You’ll find all the best types available, their functionality, and styles in this article to help you choose the best one for you. But before that, here is a list of all the helpful pointers to help you make a better decision for yourself.


Leather is the most common material used to manufacture all sorts of lady wallets and purses. The reason for that is its durability and elegance. Its aging process is very slow, making leather the ideal choice among all the available materials to produce wallets for both men and women.

But when it comes to wallets for women, other materials like faux leather, canvas, cork, vegan leather, lambskin microfiber polyester, and even plastic are all rising in popularity. Each material can be crafted in t something unique and eye-pleasing.


Color is a big deal in all women’s accessories, especially in wallets and handbags. Ranging from brown turquoise to a purple-dyed leather wallet. You can choose any color according to your style and taste. But if you want a wallet that goes perfectly with anything you wear, a brown, black, or grey leather wallet will be a wise choice.

Otherwise, if you plan on alternating your wallet with your matching style, you should select a bold color.


Size is also an essential thing to consider when choosing your new wallet. It usually depends on how many items you plan to carry. Many other items go inside your purse besides your cash. These items include your id cards, credit cards, coins, receipts, and sometimes even passports and travel documents.

The capacity of your wallet must be enough to fit all the above-mentioned everyday used items in an organized manner so that they are easier to access when needed.


The price of these wallets varies according to a lot of things. Build quality, materials, the brand you are purchasing from, etc., while there are several luxury wallets and handbags from premium brands like Gucci and Versace.

But with proper research, you can easily find a very high-quality wallet that is both functional and much elegant as well.

Here’s a list of the best types of wallets for women to buy.

  • Clutches
  • Wristlet
  • Bifold
  • Trifold
  • Accordion-style wallet
  • Passport wallets
  • Belt Bag
  • Women’s minimalist wallet

Let’s have a look at each one by one.


Types of wallets for women
Types of wallets for women

A clutch is a compact yet beautiful type of wallet to hold onto your essentials, often purposed as a fashion accessory as well. A clutch can keep all your everyday needs without making you deal with bulkiness.

A regular clutch wallet has enough slots for your cash as well as cards with convenience in mind. Many clutches offer additional space for your cell phone, checkbook, and even small makeup items.

Clutch wallets come in different shapes and sizes; the most common is square and rectangle. Leather, canvas, or fabric is used in the exterior design.

The design is different in clutch wallets. Some have a flap that wraps over the pockets or zips covering them on the top and fastens on the front. Other classic ones have a metallic kiss lock on the top to clasp the opening.


tType of wallets for women
Type of wallets for women

A wristlet is the perfect type of wallet for a night out to go have fun outside with also having your essentials with you all the time.

A wristlet wallet is pretty much like a clutch but with some room. The wristlet was born to eliminate the need for another pouch to carry the makeup essentials along with a clutch.

It can easily fit in your keys, shades, and makeup items besides your typical wallet contents. Some wristlets also come with a strap or stylish chain, allowing you to wear them.

It is the best choice for you if you are looking for some extra space but don’t feel like carrying a huge bag.


type of wallets for women

The design of a bifold is defined by its name. It is the traditional type of wallet that folds once in the middle, and the paper money inside is also folded in half.

Bifolds for women are made from similar materials used in men’s wallets, such as leather, canvas, nylon, and other durable materials to keep the contents inside safe. Bifolds are often zippered and have space and slots for money, coins, and all sorts of cards.

Bifold is the most widely used wallet type around the world. It is much easier to carry because of its sleek and compact size.


type of wallets for women
Type of wallets for women

The trifold wallet can also be visualized just by hearing its name. A trifold is another variant of a bifold with an extra flap or segment, allowing more room, usually for cards and cash.

Trifold falls among the less popular female wallets category but is still significant enough because of its carrying capacity.

Just like bi-folds, it has an open pocket for keeping your banknotes and contains numerous slots for all sorts of cards, including bank cards, personal ID cards, and other stuff like invoices and receipts.

Accordion-style wallet

type of wallets for women

These wallets open to looking quite similar to like an accordion. These shapes and designs are given by a vast number of card slots inside the wallet.

The specialty of this wallet is that it offers a vast number of card slots and is explicitly proposed for those who need a lot of well-organized space for cards. 

Furthermore, its carrying capacity is not bound to just cards. A bunch of other stuff, including cash notes and receipts, can fit in easily.

Passport wallets

type of wallets for women
Type of wallets for women

A passport wallet for women is pretty identical in construction to a bifold wallet. This wallet comes with dedicated space for your passport along with common space for cards, cash, and checks. Some wallets even have a pen holder for you so you can carry it to write your dinner bill checks or other recreational tabs quickly.

This wallet type is a perfect fit for you if you have to travel often or are a businesswoman who usually has to secure some documents with her. These wallets are designed to keep your travel documents, boarding passes, and passports neat and safe.

Belt Bag

type of wallets for women

Popular in the 90s, these belt bags have been resurfacing again for 2-3 years now as a trendy accessory as well as a fashion statement.

These small bags are attached to two belts or straps that you wear around your torso. The bag serves the function of a wallet and carries a smartphone, cash, and cards. It is convenient, and all the contents are easy to access.

With its small size and stylish look, it will also be ideal for a weekend hangout with your friends or traveling.

Women’s minimalist wallet

type of wallets for women
Type of wallets for women

A women’s minimalist wallet is very compact in terms of design and size. It usually offers 2-3 pockets to secure your essential daily items like cash and cards.

It is very versatile for you to carry around because of its small size, it can be easily stored in a pocket, or you can also keep it inside a small purse.

Although the wallet looks very lightweight and small yet it offers the best and most manageable when it comes to space. Usually 3-5 slots for cards and another pocket for cash and receipts. Some wallets may also have a dedicated pouch for spare coins and change.

What lady wallets should I buy?

There is a lot of diversity in wallets for women. Every type of wallet offers different styles, functionality, and pros and cons.

Some wallets serve multifunction, while others stick to only one significant function, making them distinct. For instance, some wallets focus on fashion as well as performance, whereas the focus point in some is mere performance.

So to avoid any confusion before considering your new wallet, you must ask yourself a few questions. It always helps in making the best possible choice.

  • What style of wallet are you looking for?
  • How much space do you require for everyday stuff?
  • What design type matches your taste the most?
  • How many cards do you have to carry?
  • Do you prefer a wallet with dedicated space for coins?
  • Do you mind carrying a big-sized wallet or not?
  • How long do you expect your wallet to last?
  • How much are you willing to pay for a good quality wallet?

Most good quality wallets last a few years, at least bearing all the daily rough handling and test of strength we put them through. So it is an excellent choice to invest in a good quality wallet that we are sure will accompany us for a few years at least.

Which material wallet should I choose?

There is a wide range of materials that are used to make wallets for women. Most of the materials used are pretty durable. Still, I have enlisted below the best ones that are not only durable enough to stand the daily torment we put our wallets through but also score high regarding beauty and elegance.


Leather is the most classic and top-of-the-list material that goes into the production of wallets. The main reason is its durable nature that gives the wallet its long-lasting life, as well as leather wallets never become outdated and are always in trend. Leather is the material that ages like a fine wine.

Leather wallets come in a vast diversity of styles and textures. The unavoidable aroma of genuine leather is a quality in itself, as it gives wallets a sense of luxury.


Nylon wallets can be seen in abundance. Nylon is a very versatile material with many qualities that qualify as an ideal material to make wallets. Qualities like being soft yet durable, lightweight, and waterproof.

Nylon wallets also age very slowly and will remain perfectly fine for a few years. Nylon wallets are slim and perfect to trust with your cards, ID, or cash.

Vegetable-tanned leather

Vegetable-tanned leather is processed the same way as original tanners using natural tannins like bark, berries, and leaves to create a spectrum of elegant colors. It is a more eco-friendly choice as no harmful chemicals, and unnatural processes are required for the processing.

For quality check, veg tan leather is very soft and durable and comes in a range of stunning colors.

Cotton & fabric

Cotton and fabric are now being utilized in producing the best-quality wallets for women by top fashion brands. It is easier to design and add multiple colors; hence cotton wallets are on the top when it comes to looking. However, cotton is not as durable as leather, and cotton wallets still manage to attract many people because of their exquisite design.

Conclusion on the Types of Wallets for women:

From the beautiful veg-tanned soft wallets to a small-sized minimal wallets with RFID protection. There are many types of wallets available with different styles and purposes. You must consider your wallet as a long-term investment and pay more attention to your needs and desires when choosing one.

That way, you will make a good choice for your wallet and perhaps enhance your style a little bit. Also consider these small features different wallets offer, like a pen holder, Checkbook pocket, RFID protection, and zipped coin compartments.

If you have a specific company or seller in mind, there are a lot of spaces online where men and women regularly post reviews and experiences of wallets from particular brands. Those reviews can be very helpful for you in choosing a good quality wallet.

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Which type of wallet is best for women?

Genuine leather wallets are considered one of the best wallets for women.

What is difference between purse and wallet?

A purse is something of a small bag or pouch which is usually used to carry cash and other small essential items; on the other hand, a Wallet is a small-sized case that is usually used to carry cards, coins, IDs, and also cash.

What is a lady purse called?

A Lady purse which is small in size and is carried by women is known as a handbag. It can be used to carry all sorts of small-size accessories, including cash, cards, ids, etc.

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